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  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Thread-jacking to translate:

Today, I met the loser like me who I'd been cybering with online. I lied about my weight by 10lbs. He was 20 years older than he said he was. FML.

  Nena713  |  0

Ydi for giving off a false image. Fyl for meeting up with someone that lies about his age by two decades. Seriously 20 years? 10 pounds might not be that noticeable, you might have gotten away with it.

  lucious_mama  |  0

not ALL online daters are pathetic losers.... I actually met my husband online, we are happily married and have 3 kids....

however a good majority are 1: fat, 2: no personality, 3: would rather sit on their ass and make themselves sound better than they are because they would rather stay home and 'meet' people that way in their down time from playing WoW or mafia wars, or 4; the few of us ( including myself) work so damn much and are to tired after busting our asses to get dressed up and go out just to meet yet another loser that would include the previously stated or equivalent.

  simonsaysYDI  |  8

Thank youu 58.
I met my fiancé online, and after living together for about a year now, Ive decide that ignoring the part of my brain that was calling me a loser and just asking her out was the best decision of my life xD
It's the person that's a liar or a creep... not the place you meet them. You can meet a great person in a junky lil pub, why not online? =p

Sooo FYL, OP. FYL.

  advent2060  |  4

guys what op is saying is that she lost 10 lbs so that she could look better for this guy and it turned out that the dude was 20 years younger than what he had told her is age was. so I'm guessing op is 30's-40's and the guy was 10-20's so basically she was cybering wit a teen/preteen most likely

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Well, I called them losers for lying and not meeting for a year.
I met my girlfriend online: She lives 20 minutes from me and we met within a week.

It's their actions that made them losers, not where they met.

  iloveyouu_24  |  0

70, you're honestly the dumbest fuck in the world. the post is saying she lied and said she was 10 pounds lighter than she actually was and he was 20 years older. get it now? dumb fuck.

  TaffyMichele  |  9

She lied about her weight, and only by ten pounds (she could have said she was 50-70 pounds lighter than she actually is). That's not too bad. The guy lied about his age by TWO DECADES. I can't see those as being the same. FYL OP.

  gusgus36  |  5

24 I agree that it's confusing. I assumed it meant he said he was, for example, 30, but they met and he was really 50... but I reread it and it could be the opposite... i'm really not sure now


84 is correct. 71 is not. OP was referring to their earlier respective lies. She said she was 10lbs thinner than she actually is, i.e. she weighs 140lbs rather than the 130lbs she'd claimed online. He said he was 20 years younger than he actually is, i.e. he's 50 years old, rather than the 30 years he'd claimed online.

They're both common lies; she's comparing the severity of the difference. She probably expected him to be a little older than he was, based on the degree of her own lies. His lie, however, was quite extreme, and much more obvious than hers on first sight.