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By toomuchlove - 02/08/2010 23:32 - United States

Today, I told my boyfriend that I like it when he moans while we're having sex. Unfortunately, he interpreted that as "milk it". The sound is so obnoxious, it's starting to ruin the sex. FML
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I'm so disappointed that this story started with the phrase "milk it," and then never had any reference to *******! :( I once was making out with this girl who was sitting in my lap and she said, "I like your size." I asked, "You can tell it just from sitting on my lap?" And she said, "I meant sighs!" That's a true story.

nothing is wrong with being a virgin(: but sex FML's are the funniest to me


Raleigh_bruh 7

Looks like you should have kept your mouth shut.

kidsanchez1 4

does he also moo like a cow because if he does that would be halarious

haha, yeah but it's not OPs fault for saying something, OPs bf sounds like a dick, she should talk to him about it

Just tell him what you really meant. Problem solved. :/

YDI for telling your boyfriend that you like the way he moans during sex, and he interpreted it as "milk it" and the sound is ruining the sex.

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You're still a giant question mark. ^^^^

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i still remember the guy in 8th grade that burped in his girlfriends mouth during their first kiss at school. i love run on sentences.

Nah, looks like she shoulda stuffed a **** in it.

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can someone tell me what this FML means... trying to picture it but it doesnt male sense. milk what? and whats making noise?

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By milking it op means that he moans way too much now that she's told him she likes it and it's gotten annoying and out of hand...not that he says "milk it" during sex... Big mistake OP, it's so much more special when your partner doesn't know and it's just natural, everytime I've made the mistake of telling my boyfriend that I particularly like some little thing he does, he inevitably starts to over do it.

YDI for thinking that moaning can ruin sex

oh lordy, when I saw this all I thought about was "oh yeah baby, milk it, ohhhh yes MILK IT! YES, OH YES!" am I perverted? D:

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sounds like me and my gf. she said she wanted me and her to be closer and appearently now im "clingy"

102 yes it does mean your perverted, but who doesn't love perverts? :)

mabey she should just shut up, we don't moan we grunt

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Dont open your mouth unless you plans of giving head

that's pretty unfortunate. if you can tell him what you like you should be able to tell him what you don't like xP just TALK to him stupid ass

moan equally as much and make it into a game.

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Why are so many FMLs about sex? Can't people just keep it to themselves? If you disagree write a comment

I agree! isn't it supposed to be something personal?

yeah buy it's annonomous (spelling fail) so it doesn't matter, they sometimes just want to share

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ya but theyre funny. and im gessin ur a virgin...ur sex time:FAIL

yeh, whats so bad about being a virgin?

nothing is wrong with being a virgin(: but sex FML's are the funniest to me

lalagurl5 0

im not sayin its bad to be a vrigin. trust i am too but im only 13. im just sayin tht the sex FMLs r funny so ya. well at least some r...

wats so wrong about being a virgin? And I find the fml's about sex sometimes the funniest.

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no Its not bad to be a virgin. being a virgin is good. cuz then u can't get pregnant or an STD.

#4 don't be such a whining bitch. you don't have to read the FML's about sex. so stop being a drama queen.

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Haha thats why I lost mine early no volcano for me. If your going to collage lets say not time to be a virgin

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I like how you insinuated you went to college; if you really did you would know the difference between "your" and "you're." pwnt.

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And by the way, "collage" is something you make by cutting out pieces of magazines and pasting them on one paper.

believe it or not, not everyone sees sex as a hugely personal thing, and will talk about it just like its any other subject being all 'but thats a personal subject' is just being uptight

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51- You're ignorant and stupid. Women can go their whole life, have sex, and never get pregnant or have an STI. Dumb bitch. Go read a book.

64- its not being uptight, it's respecting yourself and keeping your private life private. not everyone has to know who you had sex with last night and what he/she said to you. how about some self respect guys? and to all those people who think being a virgin is something to be mocked about are just simply immature. the fact that people are saving themselves for marriage, or atleast close to it is not something to be ashamed of.

51, not to mention you can still contract certain STI's without ever having sex.

How exactly is telling people who you had sex with or discussing it disrespecting yourself? Personally i only have sex with 1 person, and that would be my girlfriend. Now, i don't go around discussing my sex life with everyone, just people i know, and i know for a fact my girlfriend talks about it with her friends. But it doesn't bother me, because i'm a much more open person than a lot of people. Now, i can respect people not wanting to talk about it, what i can't respect is people that feel the need to judge people that do talk about it, and start moaning when people talk about it. These FMLs in particular are in a specific part of this site, so if you don't want to read them, avoid the intimacy category.

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lmao shut the **** up and read the fml !

WTF !!! so many and so much 'people' !! get a life dude.

I'm sorry i think you're wrong... i think everyone is goddam wrong. You're all idiots for saying 'This is disrepecting' yourself or 'This definatly isn't'. Sure, in your expereince, in your culture, enviroment it is in your opinion. For me, it really isn't. I'm in a liberal enviroment where friends will confide in friends for advice (to do with sex or not)... but in some mormon village, jsut talking about sex is disrespectful. There is no right answer when it comes to opinion.

Best not to read intimacy catagory then.. Most of them are discussing sex. But reading them you're being partically hypicritical by reading them and being part of the discussion.

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agreed sex fmls are the most halarious

ha. look at the madness I have created ^^

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I think this whole bitching and moaning back and forth is "self disrespectful". Grow some balls/**** and keep your shit to yourself.

L...M...F...A...OFFFFFFFF!!!!!! YDI haha

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if you're that good at sex nothing should be coming out of her mouth, moaning included.

no, just offering my advice to solve the problem(:

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lol "milk it" what is he? a farmer or a cow? lol fyl

hmmm nothing better than hardcore man moan :/