By manda8484 - 1/11/2016 05:12 - United States
Today, I went on a first date with a guy I've been crushing on for a while. When he dropped me off, I said thank you and that we should do it again sometime. He replied, "Yeah, maybe next Halloween." FML
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By  BulgyCashew33  |  16

He may not of meant it that way. He may just be able to see you in his life for the next year and just thought of it in what he should do next Halloween, not the next date.

  atradr  |  8

Do you really not consider the fact it could have just been an accident? I can easily see myself saying that, in a similar vein as replying "you too" when wished a happy birthday. It is entirely possible he very much wants to go on another date, and as it was halloween, was just what came to mind.

You definitely seem bitter.

By  Bob_Gray  |  6

I mean, if your date was something like going to a haunted house, then his response is pretty understandable. As in, he thought you meant you should do that specific thing again, instead of going on a date in general.

By  GhostFox  |  33

If you're that worried about it, ask for clarification on whether he meant the specific event or general dating.

That said, people don't usually plan an event a year out that is a date.

(Also, why date on Halloween? Costumes aren't really the best thing to make a good impression with for most people. Theater people and certain subcultures, though...)

By  ShimmyLikeJimmy  |  5

If you went trick-or-treating and you said to do it again sometime, that's just literally the earliest time you'd be able to go trick-or-treating again.
If you didn't go trick-or-treating, what's wrong with you?