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Today, I finally got the chance to meet this wonderful guy I met on a dating site. She was very excited to see me, too. FML
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Well you could go gay/lesbian for a day. But hey, life does give you surprises. It may be awkward but you might end up liking them anyways (friend or relationship wise).

One does not simply go on a blind Internet date.

I went on a blind date once. ironically, her glasses didn't fall out; her hearing aid did. So I spent the rest of my time at the fair trying to find it... Moral of story? Never let your aunt set up a blind date.

I take it no nudies were sent before the date?

ohhhhhhh... ummmmm... thats akward. okay, lesbi-honest (lolz) thats just terrible

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That sucks OP. sorry about that. Hey I'm from Texas too .....;) just saying lol

It's funny, when I read this FML, some advertisment from Skout popped up. "The hottest free dating app!"

54, I submitted it. Now I must do my FML approval dance in the hope that the gods may grant me approval. If the dance doesn't work, I will sacrifice a kitten.

I know this is way off topic, but 39, you are absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, back on board... Maybe OP's date had one of those "unisex" names like Chris, Pat, Jessie, Logan, etc... I can see where there could be some confusion if that were the case. However, if it was more like Jeremy or Dave, that should have been a red flag.

Why would that be a red flag? She's looking for a man, those are male names. Am I missing something here?

Since when has Logan been a girls name?

My bad. I got things mixed up when I commented last night. Sorry to cause confusion! Don't drink and comment... At least I didn't have any grammar nazis after me. I've met a few girls named Logan. Do a Facebook search for Logan, I'm sure it will be a mix of guys and girls.

I don't see why this comment was thumbed down. I bet you most people who begin chatting on a date site have some late night "naughty Internet fun". She could've been chatting with her for weeks before they met.

How did you not find out that it was a girl?

Presumably the person OP was meeting wasn't entirely truthful on their profile. You can say anything like you on the Internet, be whoever you want to be. Not everything is as it appears and anything can be a lie. For example, the cake.

I agree with 13. People lie on dating sites, let alone the internet.

26, yeah. For instance, maybe your unicorn horn is really a penis...

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Checked to see if it had a ******

What? People lie on the Internet? How can this be? i am always honest. Now if you excuse me I have a meeting with Obama and the Queen to discuss about anklets.

I lie on the Internet all time time!!! I like to tell people I'm the dictator of a small country somewhere in Europe, the location doesn't matter, usually I just spam some random letters and they usually nod and say they have heard about how beautiful it is in the summer, people are so stupid :)

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My ex boyfriend's sister actually had this happen. She was young but she met this "guy" on MySpace and they were talking for about 2 years and started "dating" and when she went to meet her boyfriend for the 1st time he actually turned out to be a she. And then she turned into a lesbian and moved to the same state as her new girlfriend. So sometimes there are happy endings! Haha but never trust anyone on the Internet they are probably lying.

She didn't "turn into" a lesbian. She was likely bisexual/polysexual/pansexual the whole time and ended up with this girl due to the connection they had.

I actually believe that Love has no gender. Though many people say that they are straight, they don't know what form Love will find them. :3 Opinion of course.

91, No need to pick on the semantics, you know what she meant. Just a general comment though, theres a lot of "don't trust people on the internet" comments being thrown around but realistically you're just as likely to run into a lying scumbag in person too. Anyone who suggests meeting people online is more dangerous than anywhere else is just blissfully unaware of the potential danger of meeting people in any other setting. The online creep stereotype went out when the internet went mainstream.

Well atleast it wasn't a rapist or something XD

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A girl can be a rapist. It has happened before, but it doesn't go out in public often.

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"Why don't you have a seat right over here...."

I think #3 was trying to say clearly she wasnt a rapist or OP wouldve said so. Or not have made a FML at all if the rapist got what she wanted....that'd be an awkward FML....

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Hide yo kids..hide yo wives..hide yo husbands

'Cause they rapin' everybody out here You don't have to come and confess We lookin' for you We gon find you, we gon find you So you can run and tell that Run and tell that Run and tell that Home boy Home, home, home boy Sorry, couldn't resist. :P And sorry if I got any of the lyrics wrong.

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Not that you know of anyways

Don't feel too bad, I always get fat chicks.

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Then why do you keep going online dating sites?

I'm sure they have wonderful personalities.

You lucky bastard,i dont even get weird pervs by mistake even :(

Hay it's the bigger chicks that can be the sweetest because they don't care about how popular they are or how many likes there selfie got most of my friends are larger women and they are better friends then most skinny chicks'd the date go...jk.....sorry to hear

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Tell her that you're a man and see where things go from there!

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She left her penis at home...eHarmony made a boo boo

She must be Mr. Potatohead. Check her rear compartment for the detachable penis.

How do you know Mabey there was a industrial slicer accident on his way there and became a her he just happened to have moobs and be wearing makeup he found the bra on the way there

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How do you know she was excited? Did she have a boner? If so, consider the date a partial success.