By workinggirl - 07/03/2010 17:38 - United States

Today, I went on a date with a guy that I met at a masquerade. The moment he saw me without my mask on, he left the date. FML
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Inner beauty apparently doesn't exist anymore. Every man absolutely MUST have a supermodel girlfriend.

I... I'm so terribly sorry. He probably wouldn't have been worth it though, don't fret too much! I'm sure you're beautiful, he just failed to see that.


lmao bahahahahahahahahaa funny as hell thahh sux thohh buht yurr obviously better off not even knowinq that asshole!! ahahahahaa

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haha that's funny. you shouldnt have taken it off

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iz cantt wread ur coommentt becos alll ur gramor errrorzz

quick! put it back on and he just might come back. some guys like not knowing what the girl looks like.

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tell him that that's another mask

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Omg... seriously #1 is really retarted... can any1 understand what he's saying?

Ummm...thats not funny, you're just an asshole. In fact, if anything, that was really mean. I feel for you, OP. Just like these guys thinking this is funny, that guy is probably an asshole and I think you're better off without him!

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maybe the guy just had to go to bathroom

It would be funny if her mask had been a scary haloween one.

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ydi for not dating the smexy Phantom!!!! >:( nah jk(or am i?) like people said this guy was prolly attracted to mystery... dont mull it over im sure youll find good guys :)

op thats cus ur ugly. duh.

omfg hahahahahah thats a good one

aww! well that guy was just straight up meann. dont get down on yourself and ignore any ydi for beeing ugly comments because you most likley arent. itss okay op (:

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MAKEUP or plastic surgery...pick one

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what a douche

#30 is hot. what's kicken chicken

haha that's great!! you should have def left your mask on.. maybe then you coulda gotten laid. Boy, am I sure glad I don't have your face lol

YDI for dating when you know you are ungly

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well maybe you should've asked your waiter for a bag with holes in it and then put the bag over your head and then he might've come back.

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Awwh that sucks I'm sorry.

You should be glad he left. What an asshole.

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lmao. thats all i have to say.

Insightful. Profound. Philosophical. These are just some words that should never be used to describe your comment.

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i never claimed to be socrates lol.

Socrates is well known for drinking a certain type of tea. Perhaps if you drank it, you too could become a great thinker. Please try.

This would never have happend if you had stayed in the zoo.. err I mean kitchen. Grow up and stop being ugly. YDI.

ahahahaah that sucks. 3

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Harsh... Fyl!

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SUKS FIR U maybe u should have kept ur mask on O.o

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Maybe you should learn proper grammar.

Inner beauty apparently doesn't exist anymore. Every man absolutely MUST have a supermodel girlfriend.

Want to bet she wont go for anything in her league and wants a prince charming while she looks like the frog, but kissing her wont change her into a princess.

So true and every woman absolutely MUST have a rich jackass boyfriend !

i love ur picture luckster!(:

Furytalon 14

totally true i hate it, all the guys want supermodels and gals want rich guys with only looks heck the inside what is important I mean sure looms help too but that shouldn't be the only thing

Elovena 9

I'm not a supermodel but looks don't matter anyway.

McFail_fml 4

Wow, this man has the incredible ability of time-travel!

I... I'm so terribly sorry. He probably wouldn't have been worth it though, don't fret too much! I'm sure you're beautiful, he just failed to see that.

fucking wrong. OP is clearly fugly

YDI for being ugly.

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hahaha just for being a jerk I'd like to see this happen to you!!! now that would be REALLY funny =]

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and btw OP he's a shallow little piece of sh*t and he's not worth any if your precious time you could be spending with your friends and guys who arnt as shallow as he is....

I totally agree with you Sami.

Jeez, has no one heard of this thing called "a joke"? They're great!

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oh hon I know jokes I also know stupidity =]

58, I see your thesaurus works?

Clearly you haven't read many of pendatic's comments, sleekRelease. He probably didn't have to use a thesaurus; he's good at all that fancy intellectual lingo.

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Do you go to my school? I only ask because you've just used two of my vocabulary words.

Your welcome, pendatic. If you don't mind me asking, is your name based off of the word "pedantic?" It makes sense more now than ever.

sami1994 0

you should know what words mean before you use them pendatic.... =]

#68, what word is it that you think pendatic used incorrectly? His posts make perfect sense to me, as always.

sami1994 0

no they make sense I just wanna make sure he knows what they mean...... I never said anything about not making sense.... =]

sami1994 0

Ok that's good =] Just making sure. Because I hate when people do that.... =P Sorry for doubting you!!!

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this is what happens when you meet ppl at masquerades ...... fyl if he is dat shallow then on to da next one