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  happyhak  |  5

Ummm...thats not funny, you're just an asshole. In fact, if anything, that was really mean. I feel for you, OP. Just like these guys thinking this is funny, that guy is probably an asshole and I think you're better off without him!

  flashback.miss  |  28

ydi for not dating the smexy Phantom!!!! >:( nah jk(or am i?) like people said this guy was prolly attracted to mystery... dont mull it over im sure youll find good guys :)

  deathcab7  |  0

aww! well that guy was just straight up meann. dont get down on yourself and ignore any ydi for beeing ugly comments because you most likley arent. itss okay op (:

  Belarr  |  0

Want to bet she wont go for anything in her league and wants a prince charming while she looks like the frog, but kissing her wont change her into a princess.

  Furytalon  |  14

totally true i hate it, all the guys want supermodels and gals want rich guys with only looks heck the inside what is important I mean sure looms help too but that shouldn't be the only thing

  sami1994  |  0

and btw OP he's a shallow little piece of sh*t and he's not worth any if your precious time you could be spending with your friends and guys who arnt as shallow as he is....