By dhbeaver - 17/03/2012 13:04 - United States

Today, while coming out of Walmart, I dropped a $50 bill. Some kid came running up after me yelling, "Hey mister, you dropped this!" as he ran past me laughing. FML
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So chase after him? He's a little kid they don't run that fast.


chillyCholo 5

and gave his thieving ass a spankin'

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But then risk having the things he bought stolen

You could have stuck your foot out as the kid passed you. That would definitely make my day.

That kid needs an ass whooping and it sounds like his parents won't do it.

OP you should have kicked the living shit out of that stupid kid

100 I think an adult kicking a child wouldn't look good to anyone..

I agree with 15, I would have chased him down and spanked him too. If his parents don't teach him (which they apparently don't) I'll step in.... And get my 50 bucks back. :)

Everyobe is saying: "chase the little ****** down", when, in reality, this was hours if not days ago and the chances of him catching up, if the kid was still running (like a god), are QUITE slim.

Something similar to this happened to me in high school. I was running in the gym when $40 fell out of my pocket. I turn around and see a kid picking it up. Before I get the chance to ask for the money back, the little punk shoves it down his pocket, and acts like nothing happened. I went up to him and asked for my money back. He replied with a cocky "No.". That pissed me off so ******* bad, that I tackled him, punched him in the face a few times and reclaimed my money. Of course, I was called into the assistant principle's office, but I didn't get into any kind of trouble.

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Cool story bro, needs more dragons though.

yes, but consider most people's luck. the parents would walk up and report you for child abuse and assault.

So chase after him? He's a little kid they don't run that fast.

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But they have a lot of energy x_x

I'm fairly certain that the flag of the south is not racist.

melonrind 8

That would be ridiculous and it is first and foremost a flag. You're closed mind assumes he has it as a racist symbol.... Wtg..

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He probably couldn't run after the kid cuz he was carrying his grocery bags

And because the condition of the average American Walmart shopper is way lower than that of a young kid.

It's the confederate flag. Doesn't necessarily mean he's racist.

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Lmao better than KKK you ignorant idiot

46 - If you don't live in America, don't act like you know anything about it. Racist pig.

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That was a joke, but it can apply to anyone who wants to claim that title, including the little hoodlum who ran off with the $50.

70, it's being prejudice. Not racist...

I would mercifully request this entire thread be nuked by a mod with a kind soul.* *Does not apply to Sirin as she has no soul

Please tell me how I am being prejudice. I am showing my love for the south not anything else.

I agree with DJeePee. Those mofugs are fat pieces of lard that couldn't run to save their twinkles.


Nope, I meant twinkles. If you notice what appears to be an L is actually a capital I.

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It may not be a little kid. If OP is older they could be calling a 20 yr old a kid...

^with that logic I would of said 35-40

Kid could be something like 14-16 years old. At that point, the kids got more energy, probably isn't carrying groceries and can probably run just as fast.

Just follow him. If its a little kid its not like he can just get in a car and drive

Chase him and get it back. Or fund where his parents are and get him into trouble with them...

Yeah and to find out that the dad is a 6 foot 2 inch, 260 lbs, tattooed redneck would be priceless

I'm pretty sure the kid would still get in trouble. If the parents don't care about their children stealing from others, then they have some serious issues.

I'm pretty sure the kid would still get in trouble. If the parents don't care about their children stealing from others, then they have some serious issues.

Technically, it's the kid's money now. Finders keepers law backs him up. OP lost custody of the $50 when he dropped it. You think the parents are going to punish the kid? Nah, they will probably rejoice in that their child's good luck. They became 50 bucks richer. Picking up money from the floor isn't stealing, it's fair game and I bet that's the parents' motto.

A lot of parents these days probably wouldn't even care. It's less money out of their pocket to buy him shit.

you should've tripped him, or thrown your bags at him.

or not carry money around if your buying stuff thats over $50 use a debit/credit card. its 2012 they have digital moneyz to prevent that thing from happening.

xStaciexLynnx 15

That was almost a valid statement until you said 'digital moneyz'.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

I imagine you wouldn't want to drive all the way home to get cash, if the store had a computer issue preventing card use.

Most people don't like the $2-$5 charge when you use your Debit so that why you carry around case so your not paying more money.

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50$ you'll never see again...

hellbilly205 17

I dont get why people do this "50$" the dollar sign goes in the front of the number not the other way around...i dont care if this is thumbed down i had to say it.

'cause they're saying '50 dollars you'll never see again' which looks better than '$50 you'll never see again' oh, and they can't be arsed to write out 'dollars' so they put the $ sign.

In places like Canada, they put the dollar sign after the amount. Don't be so quick to be a dick.

I just realized on your photos they spelled "then" wrong...

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I just realized that, too. Haha!

Just hope his father isn't the same dad who beat up the coach for making his feuding daughter run laps around the gym. He may beat you for having the audacity to ask for your money back.

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Karma will get him. Just wait for him to trip on his shoelaces! :)

A) She's also married B) She also has kids C) This isn't a dating site D) **** off

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Docbastard: 1 75: 0 And btw 75, you're a diddlestick...

Looks like he has an early start... To alcatrazz

Alcatraz is no longer a functioning prison. It's a tourist attraction.

You have got to be kidding me..OBAMA closed Alcatraz? Oh my goodness the ignorance of people these days...

Holy damn I thought it was St. Patrick's day not "make a dumb ass comment day". Obviously Obama was NOT the one who closed it.

Thank you 32! And judging by her username, I feel really bad for her kid...

KriiFahMoro 9

Yeah, and Canada is a country... HAH!

Obama closed gitmo. Alcatraz was closed in the sixties when obama was a kid

So you're not denying he didn't close it... ;)

Uh, he said he was gonna close Gitmo, and wrote the executive order for it, but hasn't he since written several extensions so that it's still going?

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I don't want to live in America anymore. Oh wait, I don't. Yay.

Stay out of the States. I'm sure the Americans don't want you either.