By Anonymous - 05/06/2019 16:00

Today, my boyfriend saw me without make-up for the first time we've been dating for two years. He freaked because he didn't know who I was. FML
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neenersm 5

Then you, my dear, wear way too much makeup.

Tbh, you both deserve it. How is this even possible 😱


neenersm 5

Then you, my dear, wear way too much makeup.

Tbh, you both deserve it. How is this even possible 😱

WeirdUS 29

Wow I've known women who look different without make up but this is a new one. Um I suggest respectfully that you have too much on if this is the case. Or your bf could be an ass but 2 years without either knowing this? What is going on?

You screwed up, Tammy Faye. You can’t quit makeup “cold turkey.” You traumatized your boyfriend! You have to wear gradually less and less makeup until your boyfriend can adjust to what you’re actually covering up.

icalledhisname 12

What on EARTH is wrong with the people here? Good for you for enjoying your makeup, it’s one of my favorite hobbies! It’s annoying how people think we’re so different without makeup. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Makeup is art, just something to enjoy. And for the people thinking it’s odd your boyfriend hasn’t seen you without makeup for 2 years, it’s actually not odd at all. We have our routines in the morning. That’s all. I’m sorry your boyfriend didn’t react favorably.

If your partner of two years doesn't even recognize you without makeup, yes it IS too much.

crazy_joe 15

You dumbass, this is called being fake. If your significant other doesn't know what you actually look like after a year means the relationship is based on lies. Yes, it does matter what's on the inside and thst is the very reason why you shouldn't try to cover up what's on the outside.

TWO YEARS and your boyfriend never saw you without makeup??? How is that even possible??

edwardcullenisme 6

It’s really mean people are saying you deserve it. People wear makeup because they aren’t happy in their skin, and shouldn’t be shamed for it. It’s pretty horrible he acted that way.

Always feel sad for those who seem to think they should wear makeup whenever they are around their b/f. In boot camp, saw gorgeous women without makeup. picture day came around and they all looked like fake china dolls. lay off or lighten up on the makeup for crying out loud. you can't hide behind the mask forever.