By JJLight - 27/05/2013 03:14 - United States - Camarillo

Today, I invited my boyfriend to come to an event to meet some of my friends for the first time. I had been raving about him for weeks, and everyone was curious to meet this "amazing guy" I'd been dating. He showed up in a Darth Vader costume because he thought it would be funny to embarrass me. FML
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Darth Vader is an amazing guy, what are you talking about? I'd feel pretty cool if he came to a party for me.

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Darth Vader is an amazing guy, what are you talking about? I'd feel pretty cool if he came to a party for me.

That would immediately qualify him for awesome guy he's Darth Vader. It also shows he has a sense of humor! Total win!

Did anyone else notice it says "end" instead of "and", don't let FML know though, this is one of my first "first" comments and I don't want the FML removed.

Well at least he didn't say he was your father...

She should've ran with it, tried to convince everyone, if even one person believed, it would be an epic win.

@33 my thinking of op running with it is to dress as a storm tropper or Luke skywalker....the next darth vader bum bum buuuum

you're life sucks for saying FML instead of "that was awesome"

Yeah I don't know what she's on about, her boyfriend sounds awesome. The fact that he even owns a darth vader costume is great!

shadowedpixie 19

I would've thought he was cool for that. *shrugs*

My fiance would love it if I did that too. But, then again, we are huge Star Wars fanatics. haha

iv never seen Star Wars (i know, i know) but i would have seen the funny side. OP should be glad her bf has a good sense of humour

Except for the bit where his intention was to embarrass his girlfriend. That is douchey.

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I'd use the force to grab that man's penis

KingCeltic77 18

3- I wouldn't, remember what happened to his first wife?

Grauncho 27

Did he make a joke about The Force involving his dick somehow?

shadowedpixie 19

That would have been so funny to me!

"The force is strong in this one." *points at dick*

I didn't read this comment but posted something similar to the comment before this one xD

Wizardo 33

#20, psst, the fact that no one read it just shows, no one cares xD -.-

Seems like he's probably just trying to boost his post count at this point...

Well if they have a sense of humor, considering that's ALL he did to embarass you, then I'd say he's in.

I presume you know that that's not the worst thing he could have done! he IS amazing!

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When and if you two have a kid, make sure the name Luke doesn't get brought up.

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I'm not sure this is a FML. It seems pretty cool to me. Seems like he has a good humor and hopefully everyone saw what you were talking about.