By wsumt - 29/01/2009 01:04 - United States

Today, my friend and I were in a hallway talking while a man kept walking by and turning around. I then asked him "WHAT are you LOOKING for!". It was a blind man. FML
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"Excuse me sir, can I help you?"

sassyangel24 0

dude, you're an ass. youu and your friend should have moved if you felt uncomfortable, not humiliated another human being and made a fool of yourself. YDI.


Wow, that's almost as cuntish as my personality.

Those are very odd words you stressed. Did you actually say it like that? I think he'd find it confusing. Although I suppose in a yiddish style accent it might work.

It's a frustrated tone.

good going prick

jerk. why would you yell at a stranger?

I'd laugh if he tried to chase u and use the stick at the same time

amatayo 0

Okay he is blind- correct You are not- correct So if you the person that can see ask what are you looking for? This just means you can find it because you can.....(wait for it) can freaking see Waste o time

Hahahahahaha hilarious mo matter what these idiots say

how is it racist? the guy was blind!!!! you should post an FML cos you fail at reading!!!! get your mum to read this for you!! OP: learn to control your anger, ****!

well you didn't know he was blind, you were trying to help.

ha. failure, i am sure he took that well