By stutson - United States
Today, on my airplane ride home, the woman next to me wasn't feeling too well. She pulled out the air sickness bag to throw up into and missed. Her vomit splattered all over the seat in front of her and all over me. We were both covered in puke. And that was only my first of two flights. FML
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By  anglcdvl89  |  0

She MISSED? Talk about an epic fail...Not to mention, flying when you're feeling ill? That's not exactly the brightest idea in the world, not only because of situations like this, but everyone is in closely confined quarters; so not only did she VOMIT on you, she potentially put everyone else at the risk of catching whatever she has. I know it's a lot of money to rebook your flight (last time I did it cost me almost $200) but's not worth it to put other people's health at risk.

And I agree with #1. Make her pay for dry cleaning.

  PedoPancakes  |  7

Well #5 , when you book a flight, you can't change it last minute, and like the person above me said, some people get motion sickness. So think before you write, if you have common sense I mean.

By  siren  |  0

HAHAHAHA i've got to say that i've almost done that to someone... i managed to hit the bag tho. severely hungover... i felt bad for the guy next to me but at least i didn't get anything on him!!

By  Broodman  |  1

How the heck did she miss? Your mouth should be inside the bag.

Wow, FYL, the smell was be extremely pungent. I think I would have passed out, since I'm emitophobic.