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By loli-conned - 21/06/2009 22:10 - United Kingdom

Today, I was shopping for my little sister's birthday. She loves manga. I've never read manga, so I bought a couple of novels from the "popular" shelf. Turns out if they have white covers it means they are "adult" books. I bought my sister a "lolicon" manga - filled with prebuscent naked girls. FML
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I think you should have looked. That's what I would've done.

Everyone's gotta see naked girls sometime. But you could've [should've] asked a sales person if you've never bought Manga before. Or at least found one age appropriate. Sure you didn't get the color code, but you could always ask. Or flip through it. Or the old "ask her what her favorite is". At least you know she read it? I get books all the time when people are like, "Oh, you like fiction right? Here's these books about wizard-wannabes." I never read them.


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Not being old enough to have hair isn't quite the same as waxing bro.

It's "PREPUBESCENT" !! Not prebuscent. Learn to spell, then post stories or comments! The spell-checker highlights it for you. (Yep, I read this four times to confirm spelling to make sure I didn't do a complete FAIL)

So you're part of the reason why that type of manga is in the "Popular" section...

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Prepubescent means that you're not old enough to grow hair down there (basically being a child), not keeping it shaved or clean down there.

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Lolicon is basically a genre of manga/anime where underaged or childlike girls are depicted in an erotic manner, basically its for the pedophiles out there.

You ******* dumbass. I happen to be a HUGE manga fan, so let me tell you that you are an IDIOT. Don't try and do the "thoughtful" thing by getting manga if you aren't going to put any actual thought into it and just pick a few random ones off the shelves. I own and read a lot of manga, so let me tell you just how much of a MORON you really are. When you pick out a manga for someone, you have to pick the right volume from the right series. NOT A RANDOM ONE! It has to be the right series, or the odds are pretty high that you'll be getting them something they have absolutely NO preference toward, like pornography for pedophiles. It has to be the right volume from the right series because the wrong volume could be either one they already have or one they haven't gotten to yet. If somebody has volumes 1 through 12 of a series and you get them volume 27 from that series, it will be completely useless to them. Manga have over-arching plots that can encompass encompass the entire series. They are not independent episodes of some crappy Disney TV show. You can't read a volume that you have not yet reached. If you try, NOTHING will make ANY sense. You didn't even LOOK at the manga before you bought it to make sure it could be something she would like! You just picked RANDOMLY! You were trying to be thoughtful, right? THAT is not thoughtful. That's being a lazy son of a bitch that's trying to look like he's put an ounce of effort into making his gift personal. NEVER get somebody a gift that has to be as specific as a manga without first ASKING the person what they have and what they want. If you're not willing to do the work, then don't try to look like you're keeping your sister in mind. All manga are not the same. It's not she's collecting paperweights - a bunch of things that look different but are really all the exact same thing just dressed up individually. Manga are all different. There are a multitude of different series, each one with their own plots, characters, styles, and themes, and each series has an order to their volumes that MUST be kept if they are to have the slightest semblance of sense. If you aren't going to ask your sister what she wants or learn the little that you need to know about manga to pick out the ones that your sister needs next, then don't pretend to put thought and consideration into her gift and give some money or a gift card. Saying "I like manga" is a VERY vague statement. Manga fans like certain series, not just any manga in general. Even in all this space, I still cannot express the searing contempt I have for you, you stupid piece of shit. If your sister is a manga fan, then unless you are a completely oblivious neanderthal, you should have noticed that whenever your sister gets a manga, she always gets a very specific one. So what made you think that grabbing one randomly from the shelf would be the same thing? Your sister should have been the one making an FML about this, not you, you irredeemable prick. Next time, why don't you put a tiny ounce of actual thought and effort into a gift the next time you try to be "thoughtful".

If she has volumes 1-12 and he gets her 27 she will eventually get to it. It's not completely useless. But he was a complete dumbass

HAHAHAHAHAHA, best read of the day by far.

#222 while i agree with everything you say, he should get some credit for putting up what little effort he did and not being one of the people that thinks manga is all either tentacle **** or for 5 year-olds.

#222 just shut the fudge up. How the **** could have know, he clearly stated that he never read a manga and most likely assumed that it was the japanes version of a comic book. So chill out and look at the facts

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Wow, #222, your little rant could possibly be the most annoying thing I've ever read. I actually had to force myself to finish your comment, just to be fair. You need to broaden your horizons a bit and stop being such a fanatic that you get pissed when a person tries to get a considerate gift, even if they don't know everything they could know about it.

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illumi113, I have written essays shorter than your comment. you actually managed to make me embarased of the fact that I read manga. wow

# 222 stop jerking off to **** all day and get a life

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quiet dwelling on ppls spelling they make mistakes we all do get a life

#222: while I agreed with your main idea, your rant was pointless and extremely repetitive so please chill. I love manga and realize that getting the right book is important. However it was a sweet idea seeing as many people really don't understand what manga is. Therefore they wouldn't have known that so take a breath, and cut the op some slack. At least they tried :)

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#222 Although I agree with your plot here, why not just say: theres a freaking age label on the back. I'm not a pedophile and I read intensly sexual yaoi. The back says 18+. Chances are this manga would have said so too. At least the OP didnt get the anime of this manga. That would've been porno.

awww did someone buy you the wrong one? aw pookie... grow a pair...

Jesus #222 it's just a book at least he considered what his sister actually liked holy crap are you psycho? your comment sounds like something my friends and I would do for fun not seriously tho.

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number 222, please get a life. his sister like manga, so hebpicked a manga book thing or whatever off of a bookstore shelf, not knowing it was kiddie ****. please calm down and stop calling people "peices of shit" just because they do not share the same obsessive creepy annoying weird passion as you. not the manga thing its self but your anger tiwards people who know little about it. Not nice :(

#222 you made my day! I hate people who don't fzuking understand the difference between manga and gay americrap.

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Woo 222! Way to show us all how ignorant we all are of things that people REALLY care about! I know I feel smarter after reading that 10 page essay of yours! So informative and worth our time! Thanks bud! :D

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222, I would hug you if it wasn't for the possibility you may be male.

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is it possible to not imagine 222 as a chips-destroying fatso with no life at all?

222 are you like a 40 year old virgin or something your a ******* freak maybe you should chill the **** out.God if that guy gave you a birthday gift without you telling him precisely what you wanted you would have ******* murdered him.He was trying to do a nice thing for his sister and you say you really hate him because he made one mistake here's an idea go die!!!! You make me embarrassed to be a human. **** You!

Will someone shoot a goddamn tranquilizer into 222 already?

I think you should have looked. That's what I would've done.

Yeah. Grabbing random "popular" mangas from a bookshelf is the same as grabbing random "popular" books from the featured section. There's a huge chance that they aren't child appropriate.

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Most of the time, the manga with excessive sexual content is shrink wrapped so kids can't look at it. I wouldn't be surprised for someone not familiar with manga to not be aware of this.

if he couldn't look inside it you'd think he would have asked someone who knew something. I wouldn't buy any of my siblings a book with a blank cover if I didn't know what was inside it.

Jaja how young is she? Lol thats hilarious

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Just like the bad guys from lethal weapon 2

I'm not sure but i'm guessing her sister is about 12. That is because most of my friends that areinto manga/anime got into it at around 12 or 13.

Loli haet! Ahahah, but really, what horrible luck you have! Next time go with something like InuYasha that all little fangirls love :P

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not everyone likes InuYasha.

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InuYasha is hardly uber-popular right now. Maybe if it was two or three years ago... Fruits Basket (though good) would be a more fangirlish selection. InuYasha is shonen, anyway. Hardly appropriate to use in the context of fangirls. Wow... this post is geeky... Well at least I'm self-aware. ^_^

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doesn't shonen mean for boys? why the **** use moonspeak instead of english?

Not exactly. Shonen is more action/fighting while Shojo is more girly/magical. My friend (a girl) and I (a boy) read both, so there's no real gender barrier, although boys do tend to lean more towards shonen.

**** no o.O I hate inuyasha..... o3o fan girls like shit like vampire knight, and chobits, and ouran,

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you did not look at the books first what r u stupid?

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#47, when you want to flame someone, spell "you're" correctly next time.

haha the irony in that just made my day :')

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haha #48 at least the "r u" is an intentional spelling, and doesn't mean he's stupid "your" on the other hand... lol one of my biggest pet peeves right there

baaaaahahahahahaha. FAIL. If you're going to tell someone they're stupid for using common internet abbreviations (ie. "r u" instead of "are you") you'd better make sure YOU know how to spell. Dumbass. You just made yourself look an awful lot more stupid than the person you flamed.

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and #202 you pretty much ruined it there....

pahahahahaha thats why you shouldn't buy manga without knowing something about the one you're buying. at least it wasn't a lesbian book or tenticles or something weird like that, there's a lot of those too.

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I wasn't aware lesbianism was worse than pedophilia. /eyeroll

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she's a kid, lesbianism would be more scarring to her than seeing naked girls around her age.

You don't know if she's a kid or not. OP could be 40 and the sister could be 38.

I'm willing to bet she's less than 20, prolly less than 15. And yeah, lolicon wouldn't mess her up nearly as bad as tentacles or something.

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Tentacles? Like an octopus?

Sometimes. Or like Cthulhu. Or some other Demon-like creature.