By Burp - 19/04/2012 12:37 - United States

Today, I traveled by plane for the first time. Once in the air, I was absolutely terrorized by the whole experience. Luckily, they had free booze on board, so I necked some to steady my nerves. Unfortunately, the vodka mixed with air turbulence made me spurt some vomit into my lap. FML
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Instead if the vodka, just sit back and take deep breaths. I have a horrible fear of flying :(

vomiting on your lap must be left for intelligent people.


You just opened pandora's box 1. May God have mercy on your soul...

And now you get the inevitable downpour of red thumbs, which will then cause you to spiral out of control into depression. After hours of drowning your sorrows in alcohol, you will die from alcohol poisoning. Hope replying first was worth it...

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At least You didnt do anything stupid and shit load of people do stupid shit when drinking vodka >_>

vomiting on your lap must be left for intelligent people.

All the normal people must vomit on their laps, I guess.

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Haha, I'm totally thinking of Bridesmaids

JocelynKaulitz 28

That must've burned your throat like a bitch.

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Like leave stupid shit comments such as yours?

Instead if the vodka, just sit back and take deep breaths. I have a horrible fear of flying :(

I have a fear of encountering the reaper while on board a plane...

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Well since you and OP are afraid of flying, here's some advice. Stay the **** off planes lol. Take a boat, drive, or just stay home.

Or, how about therapy to conquer your fear of planes. Anything's possible.

22- That's all fair and well, but travelling to the other side of the world is a pretty hefty boat ride. I'm terrified of planes as well, but I'm not going to allow that fear to conquer me; I'll still travel by air. I just can't place my fear upon others since it was my own choice to be on the plane in the first place. I just remain wide-eyed, quiet and strapped to the seat throughout the entire journey.

22, I have to travel by plane. My dad works in a business where he has to travel to places fast, and I have to go with him. It's not that easy...

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9 Listen to B.O.C. Don't fear the reaper.

I watched Final Desnation on a plane once... bad decision

happened to me before. not a good experience. D:

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Me too. Being afraid of planes is not the end of the world though. Unless you are going to the other side of the world there are other ways of getting there.

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Not for long though... Lol, fyl op, I don't like flying either :(

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Which airline is this? I would like to become a loyal customer ;)

Wow, reaching for alcohol because you were uncomfortable wasn't a good idea? Go figure.

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Don't give up on flying yet. See if you can get some Valliun or something for your next flight. Headphones help too once you're allowed to use them. Scary as they may be, they're still safer than driving.

So far, I've only seen people get more nervous about driving instead of less nervous about flying after that statement :p

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IntI agree. My father takes something to calm him down while flying. And he flies weekly, has been for years. Also, it seems weird to me that the OP is just now flying for the first time (during adulthood). Traveling has been a big part of my upbringing. Is this common for people not to fly until later in their life?

It depends where you live and other methods of getting to foreign countries, I traveled a lot as a kid with out flying we went to italy, spain, switzerland, belgium, and holland (not in the same trip) by going through the euro tunnel then driving and stopping lots of nice places on the way, the trip was part of the holiday not just the way of getting there. My dad did not fly til he was 55, never needed to...

not just foreign countries, other places in general

Yeah, my family always drives places. I've always wanted to try flying at least once some day, but I love driving places.

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The first time my husband flew was when I took him home for Thanksgiving not long after we met. He was 22 and had never left the state before.

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As a lightweight, it's not just that. Alcohol has up to three times the impact on your system at cruising altitude. As an example: two shots of rum on the ground only makes me frustratingly sleepy, but two shots of rum in the air and I'm out like a light.

Just close your eyes and listen to music instead of drinking.

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Reminds me of my first time. The booze, the horror and the vomit. Only it wasn't my first time flying. Wait, where's the delete button. . . ?

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Hi, Perdix. You should put a comma before "and the vomit". Bye, Perdix. Grammar nazis... UNITE!

It is perfectly acceptable to not use Oxford commas.

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Oh oh, I know. I didn't say "have to" ;) But, in my humble opinion, it sounds better when you do put them. :)

Good lord, the second coming of perdix!

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What?!?!?! I haven't come the first time. I'm really good at holding back ;)