By scarlett666 - United Kingdom
Today, on a plane home from Ireland, my husband who was severely hungover, vomitted in a bag before we took off. When he got up to put the bag in the bin the stewardess forced him to sit back down. I had to hold on to a bag full of vomit for a good few minutes whilst my husband was passed out. FML
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By  my_fml_account  |  2

Whole 15 minutes? And he's only your husband you say? Ya totally FYL...

Oh wait no, I meant to type YDI for marrying a dude who can't hold his drink and then complaining about it even though it was only 15 minutes.

By  Creston  |  0

...Look on the bright side: You get a free waterbomb.

...Or barfbomb. Just chuck it at someone, already!

If the stewardess wouldn't let your husband throw it away, you should do it yourself, or ask the stewardess to, though.

But there have been other, more disgusting cases with vomit, so yeah. You're lucky.

...And I hope no one near you had emetophillia (sexual attraction to vomiting or watching others do so)...