By Anonymous - 23/8/2021 10:59 - United States - Steele

My boss, the shitgibbon

Today, my 17-year-old, clinically depressed son was having terrible anxiety about the first day of school tomorrow. I tried to be a good parent, so I took the day off to console him. That proved to be a bad idea, because apparently, putting your son's mental health first is a valid reason for your boss to fire you. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

Now, you have a good reason to be depressed yourself and you can now show solidarity with your kid.

The two of you can sit around watching "Debbie Downer" sketches. That'll fix you!

By  boostmechanic  |  2

I know your venting but I feel like there is more of a background we don’t know. If you had PTO or sick days, fightable. But to call off to sit at home to talk too and tell your son it’s gonna be ok to go to school is not an emergency, and could have had the same effect after your normal workday. Bring home his favorite food and desert for dinner, and spend that quality time to get him to talk about his worries. Your son is almost an adult, he may be clinically depressed but also needs to learn within limits as still underage to be self dependent. Later in life getting anxious for first day on the job or doing something is always going to be normal you don’t have to be depressed to get that. You cannot shelter him his whole life. Now Iv learned that if I’m not constantly getting those new anxious feelings then my job and life are stagnant for staying in a comfort zone and for not pushing myself to do new things, hobbies or work.