By Anonymous - 22/06/2012 14:11 - United States

Today, I went on a long flight. I was fortunate enough to sit next to a great girl. However, she must have thought I was not so great, because she moved to the empty seat across the aisle. Next to my dad. Who then told stories about how I always get motion sickness on airplanes. I then threw up. FML
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its like a chain reaction of fml moments.

What a coincidence I'm on a flight right now...but even if the hot guy next to me wanted to move, he couldn't, it's full!


its like a chain reaction of fml moments.

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That's what I was thinking. It just gets worse and worse

What a coincidence I'm on a flight right now...but even if the hot guy next to me wanted to move, he couldn't, it's full!

Enjoy your flight.

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Hopefully he didn't happen to look over as you were typing that!

51-Why? He may be flattered and start up a conversation then BAM, it's love.

Love at first flight?

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That's just an asshole move on her to move like that, fyl OP.

Women's intuition; she somehow knew he was going to hurl.

Doesn't make her an asshole. She could have felt uncomfortable getting hit on.

I understand what she did. I don't think anyone would enjoy sitting next to someone who's hitting on them. I mean, I'm pretty socially awkward and I would move, but be polite. Not really her fault.

Especially if its a long flight.

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Your dad just has more game than you

Wouldn't it be a bit awkward to make a move with your dad right there?

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Some people are that desperate...

... Or, Some people are that comfortable with their dads.

Or, some people don't really care what their parents think.

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Or some people never make a move. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I don't see any evidence of him hitting on her.

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Don't worry. Most girls find puke very attractive.

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Only the chunky kind though.

Yes. I have an orgasm just thinking about it.

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Thought so ^_^

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Wait...girls have orgasms too???

Yes, sometimes more than one too

I must research this.

8: That was on a show called 1000 ways to die. The girl orgasmed when guys puked on her. One day, a big chunk somehow made its way in her mouth & it got stuck in her throat.

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What the hell. That's just insane^

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It's possible she found it a little creepy that you chose to sit by her and not your dad.

Sometimes you don't get the same seats, even with a family. Or he could have chosen to move, too. We don't know.

It's okay OP she wasn't good enough for you anyways.

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Lucky move on her part. Sorry or the circumstances. :(

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Lucky girl!!! She escaped while she could!!! Sorry Op FYL!!

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Why are you sorry?

43, maybe because she feels bad for OP?

Or maybe because they puked?

Now that's just mean