Smells like Toddler Spirit

By anon - / Monday 6 March 2017 00:00 /
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  fsomelife  |  26

Flying with a kid can easily be a nuisance. Sure, a kid can get sick, but usually you can tell if they are, and it is the parents' fault for not making sure their kid doesn't throw up on someone's stuff.

By  species4872  |  19

Toddlers, sooo unpredictable.

By  maritime1992  |  5

I would have demanded from the parents the amount of money if would have costed to replace the backpack. You shouldn't be inconvenienced because someone else doesn't know how to use a condom.


Today, I let my 5 year-old niece walk my 3 month-old husky puppy while I watched. I didn't realize how strong my puppy actually is until she took off running while dragging my niece with her. My niece now has two busted up knees and chin and her mother is now calling my puppy "demon puppy." FML

By Anonymous - / Wednesday 13 May 2009 18:49 / United States
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