By Bratty son - 23/10/2012 04:25 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, my young son and I were in line at Subway. I guess he got bored and started to insult the teenage girl behind us. I tried to get him to stop, but he wouldn't listen. Eventually the girl punched him in the face and left. As my son cried uncontrollably, everyone else there clapped. FML
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Not only would I have clapped too, I would've burst out laughing. Your son had it coming.


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She doesn't want kudos. That's why she's at subway

@20 I think you will notice the difference between teasing and harassing? And if he was just teasing her because finding her cute, the crowd probably wouldn't be cheering after he got punched in the face.

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You're at subway put some frozen meatballs on the eye!

Young son. As in approximately 6 years old. IMO the son is a brat but that teenaged girl's reaction was unnecessary.

I honestly think it depends on how old the son is, but I'm assuming the teenage girl wouldn't punch a little kid so yeah he totally asked for it.

Everyone clapped because the girl did what everyone else wanted to do. So yes, kudos to her. Maybe if OP hit her son every once in a while (not saying she should punch him in the face!) other people wouldn't have to.

From the OP's point of view, of course. Her son is "young". The girl is a "teenager". More political spin. The crowd clapped because the kid was a bully and deserved what he got. Only better result would be if the teen had punched the OP who is really at fault for the whole damn problem. The son did this because OP doesn't discipline him and he didn't expect consequences. He might very well expect consequences for now on. If he doesn't, I expect he'll get punched again.

Although he's an ass for insulting the girl, i do not agree to violence as reply..

Why didn't op hit her kid instead.. Horrible parents.

He totally deserved a good ass whopping ;p

149 - how do you know OP doesn't discipline her kid? Even if OP did the kid still could be a little shit and not give a ****. You can't always blame the parents for their kids actions. Hopefully that punch to the face taught him a lesson.

He deserved it! If you can't control you kid when he's being a bully it's a good thing another girl can stand up for herself!

Not only would I have clapped too, I would've burst out laughing. Your son had it coming.

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He's not talking from a victim's point of view, he's talking about bystanding

Back in the day; my mom would have whooped my ass for doing that.

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Is OP looking for props for being a terrible parent? It sounds like he should have knocked his son in the head lon before the girl had to do it. Way to go parent, your lack of discipline has forced other people to correct your children for you. I wish the girl had hit you right after she hit your kid. And if your son was crying, it means he is a little baby that didnt get his way.

I wouldve insulted her son and told the punch lady to do it again and never stop

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oh, so he's a baby for crying after getting punched in the face?! I'm not saying he didn't deserve it, but what if it broke his nose? is crying about pain being a baby? I think not.

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Believe it or not, young girls don't have to be weak and pathetic even if society and airhead magazines like you to think otherwise.

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^^^ it sounds sketchy. Example a 16 year old girl sucker punching an 8 year old child. I'm not okay with that.

-27, I think you misunderstood what he/she meant. To use OP's own words, her son is a "young boy", not teenage like the girl. So he/she was not sexist, just concerned that someone older hit someone too young to fight back. Don't get me wrong, kids these days, like OP's son could use a good smacking around, and he probably learned a lesson he will never forget.

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Hey Kicks! Haven't seen you around here much lately. Good to see you again :)

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Yeah, I think how young the kid is really counts for a lot here. Young teenager? Deserved it. Little kid? Hell no, I would never punch a kid.

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Also the OP said cried uncontrollably which usually is a kid in the single digit age is doing.. Not all the time doe

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54, you are absolutely right. I I totally rushed my comment. Sorry #3, your argument is very valid indeed.

-142, if no one else will say it, I will. It was big of you to apologize for your mistake. It's a lot more than most are willing to do on fml.

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She should have punched OP for a complete lack of discipline and overall parenting failure

Everyone shush about age to op her son will always be her "young boy" or her "baby".

Yeah but I'm sure if OPs son was a teenager OP would have said my teenage son.

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I don't understand why #3 got thumbed to hell. She had every right to question the ages of the brat and the puncher.

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Action, reaction. Guess he learned the lesson.

He can't be that young or he would not have had the linguistic skills to compose enough effective insults. If he's old enough to be insulting then he's old enough to learn when to keep is mouth shut or have it filled.

I'm gonna disagree, I know 5 yr olds who are straight evil when they are talking trash!!

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I'm guessing from everyone else's reactions that OP's son isn't really that young. He's probably around 10-12 yet OP is one of those parents who babies and spoils their children which is probably why he acts out in such a manner. I doubt people would clap if he was really that young.

105 is right - nobody claps when you bitch-slap a five year old! So I'm told.

lmao at "wank stain." I've heard many creative insults before but that's up there on my list

To be honest I know everyone there and here would probably want to have punched the kid, but they didn't. The girl needed to have some restraint! If she goes around punching everyone that's mean or insulting then she'd be doing it all day long. What's she going to do in the real world when she has a boss that's an ass? Punch him? We've all felt like knocking people out at times but we don't because we have restraint it's part of being, or even becoming, an adult! I don't care if she's 15 or 16 or not. This isn't to say that I wouldn't have clapped or laughed if I saw her punch the bratty kid. Oh and op get a hold of your friggen kid! Take him to the car and spank him if you have to, or a lesser more widely acceptable punishment, grab him and bring him to the car, no subway for a nastiness and bullying! If you're old enough to pop out a kid then your old enough to start being a proper parent. The world doesn't need anymore bratty kids or irresponsible parents! Smarten up and discipline, or get your tubes tied for humanities sake!

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25- I can't help it... "keep his mouth shut or 'have it filled'" xD

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Thats amazing, girl shouldnt punch people, parent hit your kid. Gotta love that double talk logic

He had it coming, he had it coming. He only had himself to blame. If you'd have been there, if you'd have seen it. I betcha you would have done the same!

Kudos. The same thing was running through my head as well :j

I went to see that over the summer on a trip to New York.

Why do you think it's ok for a female to hit a male? Guys get thrown in jail overnight just for pushing women, sometimes even when the woman instigated the violence. Disgusting double standards.

#89, You disgust me with your apparent lack of knowledge on musicals. Your whole defensive persona made my night, though.

89- if OP decided to file a lawsuit or if a cop witnessed it I'm sure the girl wouldn't have walked away so easy. Don't get your panties in a twist

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Males have greater upper body strength and are reluctant to admit they got be by a girl. No report, no jail. Women have greater lower body strength. A girl kicks a guy in the balls and she'll go to jail too!

Women don't have superior lower body strength. Watch the average woman try to squat the same amount as the average man in a weight room.

I'm a 110 lb woman and I can squat 250 just sayin btw loving the Chicago reference xD

RedPillSucks 31

Women have greater stamina, but less strength.

127- I think the "if ya know what I mean.." meme would fit your comment.

He got one warning shot; into his head!

If the genders were reversed how would you feel?

Pop, six, squish, Nuh uh, sizzero, lipshits (I think that's what the last one says, I'm not entirely sure)

broseph_joseph 5

89- It's no more a crime to hit a girl than it is to hit a guy. Maybe more disrespectful, but not worse by the standards of the law.

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Hahahaha! Perfect way to work that song into a real life situation! I agree! Now I feel the urge to watch Chicago...

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Bernie, you pop that gum one more time! And he did. So I took the shotgun off the wall And I fired two warning shots..... Into his head!!!

And then he ran into my knife. He ran into my knife ten times.

Tried to get him to stop? Chick it should have been u leaving with ur brat. Like who's the parent here

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Maybe the parent was really craving Subway.

BellaBelle_fml 23

Agreed. That child simply needs a good ol' fashioned spanking. I hate it when parents don't punish their kids in any way because they're either too lazy or they believe that spankings and other means of punishment will 'squelch their personality'. Parents have been spanking their children all throughout history and for the most part it hasn't mentally or emotionally damaged them. You know what it does do? Teaches them a lesson and how to behave properly. Although, I do admit that their are a lot of abusive parents out there who beat their children daily and claim its just punishment. I also hate it when people say there's a fine line between reasonable punishment and abuse. It is no fine line at all, it's as wide as a mile. You know exactly when you've gone too far. Unless you have been slapped in the back of your head so hard that spit flies out of your mouth and slaps you in the back of your head again, you have not had a childhood. Lol and when you hear that belt flying through the belt loops of your father's pants you know judgement has come!

59, when you hear the belt coming out or a slipper you bloody run up the stairs and hope and pray they do not catch you before you close your bedroom door!

BellaBelle_fml 23

Haha, so true! Thankfully those days are behind me now. And soon, it shall be my turn!

My dad would snap his belt to make a loud clap. ******* terrifying.

BellaBelle_fml 23

Mine did that too. One time I stole something from my brother and he wanted to teach me to keep my hands to myself so he made me put my hand in there and snapped the belt. It actually didn't even sting or hurt at all, but it sure did scare the shit out of me! Haha he's a good man, my Poppy :)

I completely agree with you. As a teacher who's had some pretty awful students, I will be the first to say some children need their asses whooped. I guarantee if those same awful students whose asses were whopped they wouldn't be acting that away ever again.

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How can you be bored waiting in line for Subway!? I always repeat my order in my head so I don't say "uuuhhh" or "uuuhhhmm" when I order. I have yet to be successful.

nattynatters 14

I thought I was the only one who did that! It stresses me out so bad.

I have beat you in the race to do that. But it still bothers me when I pause and zone out.

you do that? Pssh please bitch im perfect everytime.

I love those two helicopters, they are awesome.

JerryH 9

And my parents get mad because I'm antisocial, they act like I'm the only one

I'm going to subway before work and I promise I'll order without saying uhhh or ummm. Yeah. Totally.

112- Ikr? Obviously I'm better than the "viper" more like a garden snake.

My duo sidewinder missiles beg to differ.

I have an ASD. If I'd have done that, and got punched in the face, mum would have made sure nothing serious was broken, told me I deserved it, and would probably have banned me from chocolate and/or reading for a *week*. Of course, I would have to get my nose out of my book before I went around mocking random strangers. And, y'know, developed the inclination to mock random strangers.

Should have punched you for your inability to control your son.

nattynatters 14

No kidding. The second my kid even tried to do something like that we would leave and he would be grounded. You don't reward shitty behavior with delicious Subway.

wlddog 14

Why are people so afraid to physically correct their children? I would have been too scared to piss my parents off. Forget the girl behind us. My dad would have wipped me right in front of the whole store.