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Today, I went to my local Walmart to grab a few groceries, and while at the checkout line I grabbed two chocolate bars for a snack. The cashier gave me a look and mumbled under her breath, "Surprise, surprise." I'm pregnant, asshole. FML
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Your life doesn't suck. HER life sucks, on account of her being a total bitch.

I don't think that cashier realizes just how close she was to being killed on the spot.


Your life doesn't suck. HER life sucks, on account of her being a total bitch.

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"Karmas a bitch", tell her that. :)

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Karma Already got her. She's working at Walmart

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nicetransitglory- I think you completely missed the point of the FML, probably just needed an excuse to rant. Yes, I agree that the whole 'full-curved, apple-shaped' crap gives people at an unhealthy weight/BMI an excuse to live in blissful ignorance, but it is also ignorant to think she was fat to the point of not being able to tell she was pregnant. News Flash: Women GAIN WEIGHT (I know, shocking!) during pregnancy. I'd never seen a pregnant woman that was a size zero. The FML is that she was pregnant, not fat.

I agree with 65. Most women go through that stage in mid-pregnancy too where our belly is just starting to poke out and it is a little hard to tell if we're pregnant or kinda chunky. Either way, the cashier should just keep her opinion to herself because I'm sure she's not some flawless super model working at Walmart

I think it unsurprising when any women buys chocolate. Women love chocolate, chocolate is freaking awesome! Besides, having chocolate once a day is actually extremely healthy for you.

Love how when someone sees "chocolate once a day can be good for you!", they think "ANY chocolate once a day IS good for you!" So instead of eating a bit of the darkest dark chocolate, they eat bars of the milkiest milk chocolate. "I'm so literate and knowle-nomnom-dgeable, I read article titles nom so healthy."

Since when did buying chocolate suddenly allow people to judge you? It is chocolate! You can't not have some.

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107: or it could be that cashier was just being a total bitch and can't tell the difference. besides, i actually HAVE seen curvy women who are at a perfectly healthy BMI. also, if you wanna be overweight, fine, whatever. that's YOUR decision. i'm not going to belittle you or insult you for that fact, though I might try to inform you in a polite manner it would be better on your body to get healthier. and that's only if i know the person. people can live their lives however they want, so long as it's not directly harming other people. STILL doesn't give the cashier the right to be a bitch to a customer just because she got two candy bars.

What's it matter to you if someone has a "curvy" or "full figured" body! Personally I'm sick of people deciding that overweight is unhealthy and therefore I can be a rude asshole to anyone that is overweight! Using the fact that overweight is unhealthy is just an excuse for people to be mean! You know what else is unhealthy, alcohol, cigarettes, fast food, etc.There are lots of unhealthy things that everyone does, but you don't see people being mean to other people because of that fact. No one sees a person drinking alcohol and some guy telling him off for drinking because its "unhealthy". If you want to eat really healthy and workout all the time then good for you, I'm not going to bitch about your lifestyle! Have a little more respect and let other people live how they want.

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Actually smoking I'd banned in most public areas now because its unhealthy and people bitch about it all the time and that's how it's gotten banned so your argument is wrong and bitching about it is the only reason anything was ever done. People have been bitching about fast food for years as well that's why McDonald's can't give out free toys for happy meals anymore. Also alcohol was once illegal because of women bitching about it so everything you just said is wrong They should have a little more respect for themselves and their children and not be overly unhealthy and teach their kids its ok to be overly unhealthy. You don't get respect you earn it

It doesn't matter whether the OP is pregnant, fat, or pregnant and fat. The cashier should keep all her assumptions and judgements to herself. What if the candy bars weren't for her? The cashier had no way of knowing why OP bought them.

124 -Just about every single doctor you meet will tell you that being overweight is unhealthy--it's not like "Oh, my god, I don't know why people tell me to start eating healthier all the time. I'm only 400 pounds. That's perfectly healthy and I don't know why everyone thinks you need to be like under 200." Being overweight technically IS unhealthy. There's no opinion involved; it's a fact. -I tell off people for smoking and drinking all the time.

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55- u dumbass she's pregnant she would want things and crave choclate and other stuff idiot it's not her fault and the cashier is a jackass for saing that

I would say I'm pregnant bitch! To her face! Also congrats on the baby!

I can see now why the national obesity rate in the US is topping 35%. No, that isn't overweight, 35% of ALL men, women, and children in America are straight up fat ass obese! I could give a **** about the thumbs down, we are going to hit 50% in 8 yrs because of the coddling and telling people it's ok and they are beautiful. Fact, it's disgusting! Stop telling people that things that are clearly wrong are ok!!! And it's not just your choice when I have to sit by you at a movie, on a plane, or walk behind you; not to mention have to wait a month to make a routine dr appt because you are flooding the medical industry (yes this is 100% true). Everyone needs a reality check a lot more than a pity party anymore.

151: in that case, I say that no woman should be able to wear anything that reveals anything other than arms and legs, because i don't want to walk behind it, or sit on a plane next to it, or sit next to them in a movie theater since I personally find it disgusting. yeah, that's not how life works. if you find something offensive that is not directly harming you, be an adult and deal with it. i am in no way required to cater my lifestyle to your definition of what's acceptable (in this case, not disgusting). the fact is, you can't please everyone. you will always do something that will offend at least one person. should you work to live a healthy lifestyle? personally, yes, i think you should. does it make it acceptable for people to ridicule you because you're not living the same lifestyle as them? absolutely not. how do you know that the obese person you're calling a fat ass isn't trying to lose weight and is having a difficult time with it, or has a medical condition that keeps their weight in constant flux? also, i'd love to see some resources stating that overweight people are clogging up the medical system and preventing you from making a timely doctor's appointment

135 drinking alcohol isnt ALWAYS unhealthy. Drinking a glass of red wine a day is actually recomended by doctors to people with potentional or current heart issues.

She is an asshole, ignore her OP. Jut eat your chocolate and forget her :) Congrats though on the baby!!

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I freakin love your profile picture!

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I don't think that cashier realizes just how close she was to being killed on the spot.

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It's the first time I've heard of a pregnant lady getting mistaken for being fat - only in Walmart eh?

Nope. When my mom was pregnant, a guy asked her, "Are you pregnant, or are you just fat?"

A wild prego appears! Cashier uses insults --it's not very effective-- Prego uses slam. --critical hit!--

I would have said something to her and embarrassed her on the spot. She has no right to be so rude to you, regardless of what your, or anybody else's weight is.

Yeah isn't there something called courtesy to the customer? Pretty sure if I was the manager and I heard that I would have fired them on the spot. People these days...

Agreed, or I would have asked to speak to her superior and demanded some sort of reprimand as a customer you're the one making sure asshats like her are employed there.

Oh I TOTALLY would have humiliated that bitch. I'd have said in loud voice so everyone could hear, "I don't see why you're surprised that a pregnant woman or anyone else would buy chocolate. Now where is your manager? I want to speak to them immediately!"

Big deal she thought you were fat. Get over it. People are rude. Big deal. Forget about it and move on.


That's a great idea. Make yourslef look like a bigger ass then the cashier.

I agree. OP should have complained to the manager. She had no right to say that, even if OP was actually that fat. We all know one very important thing, NEVER piss off a pregnant woman.

Did you punch her in the face and leave?

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No, she punched the kid infront of her at subway though.

In this situation, that actually seems like an appropriate response :)

You should have reported her to the manager. Her job is to take your money and give you your items, not to make assumptions about you and comment if she thinks you're getting chubby. I hope you told her you're pregnant and put her in her place. Also, congratulations on the baby! :)

Ya, whatever happened to "the customer is always right"? I'm spending MY money at YOUR damn store. Honestly, if this happened to me, I would probably leave my groceries and walk out and go to a different store.

Hey, walmart is pretty good about disciplining their workers. All it takes is a complaint. Don't try to think you're "too cool" to either.

"The customer is always right" is a horrible concept and should be abolished. The customer is not always right, and can very often be an asshole. That nonsense needs to go.

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39- maybe sometimes, but that has nothing to do with this fml. OP is a paying customer and did nothing wrong, your argument is pretty much invalid in this case.

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You're right that it doesn't have anything to do with the fml. 39 was commenting on what 19 said, just as I'm commenting on what you said.

39 - it will be abolished as soon as shitty workers remember who is helping pay their paycheck. (You know that "not so right" customer)

That's right about when I would say something to her, honestly even if you were overweight an not pregnant it's not any of her business. All she needs to know is that you wanted them.

Because being a Wallmart cashier is such a position of respect and responsibility that she gets to give you unwanted lifestyle advice! Not. When she becomes a doctor and you ask for her advice, _then_ she gets to tell you that you should eat less chocolate. Until then you are quite entitled to kick up a fuss and report her for it. Congrat's on the new-one.

It's kind of amazing how people can be rude like that to someone's face... Even if they are having a bad day at work.


It's kind of amazing how people can take a stupid little comments and let it ruin the next week of their life.