By sandwichmaker - 17/07/2011 02:46 - United States

Today, while working at Subway, a man ordered a sub with avocado. When I told him it was no longer available, he screamed, spit in my face and ran out, pushing over an innocent bystander in the process. FML
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I just imagined that innocent bystander screaming "my leg" like that random guy off of Spongebob hehe


bigfoot89 4

he thought he was in McDonalds

NeonBlack 0

ITS NO LONGER AVAILABLE? WHAT THE FUUUU- * punches hole in wall*

MrFlintstone 5

next time just bring him the alvocado

Idonebeenhad 17

he probably meant avocado wasn't available anymore, I've never seen it at subway before

Dude your overreacting, avocado could make a man kill for, why so harsh?

juicedboi 7

Your lucky thats all he did. Don't get between a man and his avocado. Life lesson learnt.

You just don't come between a man and his avocado.

I thought Subway never said "No." Dumb commercials.

you are so lucky you weren't killed, he could have been like "GIVE ME MY AVOCADO OR DIE BITCH"

must be because of it's glorious skin benefits, or something.

ramboman19 8

If I wanted avocado bad enough, I would have just got my sandwich and then take a trip to the store and find one ripe avocado. Problem solved. Screw subway anyways. That place gave me food poisoning for two weeks.

MizzErikaHart 8

subway only had avocado for like a month and it's gone already ;•[

AceShots95 0

technically..he never said "no" he just said "its not available"

MizzErikaHart 8

uhhh op said "it's no longer available" I dont usually like to correct people but I'm on a 3 hr layover at the airport so whatever....

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the guy is such a hardcore mother ******

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The dangers of avocado addiction.

ginaatheging 3

avocados man, they can make you do some crazy shit

really? i would have never guessed that it being gross was the point of the FML

I was talking about the sandwich with avocado.

yeah..i thought this was a different FML..i thought it was the one about the guy never washing his hands..FML XD

Yeah, it doesn't sound like something I'd want to purposely eat. But as evidenced by this FML, some people find it delicious. To each their own, I suppose.

MizzErikaHart 8

turkey bacon guacamole from quiznos is the best

some_shit 0

I call FAKE!!! this doesn't happen. YDI for being an attention *****

BuzeeBee 0

the Aztec meaning of avocado is testicles.

thats is still no reason to spit on someone for...

Dude r u kidin????? this innocent bloke came to get a sub cause his gf wouldn't, and he finds that there ain't any avocado!!!!! wat would u do??? jks wat a bastard.

maybe he spit on op on accident cause he was screaming

I just imagined that innocent bystander screaming "my leg" like that random guy off of Spongebob hehe

HeartAndSoul2011 0

ha, thats funny, I love that show!!!!

HeartAndSoul2011 0

now that i think about it, fish don't have legs.....

You know he actually has a name based on the Spongebob wiki. His name, as revealed in one of the episodes, is Fred.

Avocado? Did you say avocado? AVOCADO!

jjames7543 13

@58: Sorry, it only works with chocolate...

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im not the only one whos noticed the little "my leg!" part in spongebob! LOL

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this is a huge ****** WIN!!!!!

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8- I've read alot of funny comments tonight, but yours by far... was the funniest! XD haha!!

I don't blame him, avocados are delicious!

lilykat84 4

that smoothie looks good... :3

not at subway. my grampa saw them take it out of a can. I mean really how can real avocado sit around all day and still be perfectly green?

I think you replied to the wrong comment