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  thinkPlNK  |  31

i don't understand why people always react physically to certain situations. even if you had made a rude comment, you don't go around punching people.

  ananonymousguy  |  31

You should charge her for assault just because you can. Teach her a lesson that just because she's a girl, that doesn't mean she can just assault people. Reminds me of the survivor episode when joe almost wrecked the one guy haha.


This made me picture some girl taking off one of her socks, stuffing an unopened box of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter in it, and smacking someone that resembles Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket repeatedly with it.

  Jezlovespink  |  30

No maybe she flew in the air and coming down with all her force and velocity with a sock some how forced the sock on his face sorry op did u call the ambulance to help u get it off??? Lol some super hero crazy womam having a bad day accusing u of being the name calling bastard.....

By  macdaddymady  |  27

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  farhil  |  27

Sevrandy, I have the feeling that people in general just don't like you. But he has a point, this society is so 'equality' oriented, that it puts stricter social rules on the previous socially dominant group, white males. It seems like justice, but when you think about it, people get so worried about who said what, and "hate crimes", that they don't worry about real issues like unequal pay. When every social group has the same opportunities and rewards, 'racism' and 'sexism' will just die out, because they will be considered equals.

  downtime  |  27

6, I'm confused. You're speaking as though we live in a world of sexist stereotypes and yet here you are, a woman, giving your opinion. Isn't there something else you should be doing with your hands? Theres a kitchen, laundry and bedroom, pick one and shut the fuck up.

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