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Today, my wife wanted me to take her to a new restaurant in town. When I looked it up and saw their prices, I almost had a heart attack. When I said it was too expensive, she snapped "Maybe you'd like to look up 'Lorena Bobbitt' next?!" We went to the restaurant. FML
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She recently died in s car accident. Some dick cut her off.

Some crazy bitch who chopped off her husband's penis.


Some crazy bitch who chopped off her husband's penis.

The real question is why OP's wife knows who this Bobbit lady is

The whole Bobbit situation was big news 20 years ago-- I'd expect a lot of people who were alive then remember her.

Lorena Bobbitt cut it off because he sexually and physically abused her. A bit extreme, but you can't say he didn't deserve it.

juturnaamo 29

She recently died in s car accident. Some dick cut her off.

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first: nice pun second: good riddance third: lol

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@76, Are you resenting the fact that it's not okay for a man to cut a woman's breasts off? Like for real? You want people not to be upset about that? Nobody's saying it's okay for a woman to cut off a man's penis. It doesn't sound like you're complaining so much about a double standard as you are whining about not being able to be openly misogynistic.

if a guy cuts off a woman's breasts I asure you she won't be the only one after you... men care about that also js

lorena bobbitt has a daughter, so to the commenter who said "good riddance" to her death, thats ****** up man. if she is dead, now that little 8 yr old girl is motherless

#76 they said she cut it off because he raped her and she called 911 later because she realized what she had done.

Bigfabthetruth52 22

@#81,I'm sure that#76 simply resents the fact that people wouldn't care as much about a man basically being mutilated and humiliated by his female partner as they would if it were the other way around.

gintwinsmoore 20

Me too...I was there, but not literally. lol this is a young crowd if you don't know about Mrs. Bobbit! And her husband was very abusive to her and I think she cut him off because he was raping her as well if my memory serves me correctly.

Lizardgirl 7

I just did some research. Lorena Bobbit endured years of abuse from her husband, John Wayne Bobbitt. On the night in question he went out, got drunk, and sexually assaulted her. She then waited until he was asleep, grabbed an 8 inch cooking knife, and chopped off his member. She then left him bleeding as she drove off and dumped his severed penis in a field. After the act she quickly realized what she had done and called 911. Doctors frantically searched the field for the penis and were able to reattach it after a 9 hour surgery. Mrs. Bobbit was aquitted due to reason of temporary insanity brought on by the abuse she suffered. Twenty years later Ms. Bobbit now has a longterm partner, a young daughter, and works to help aid various women's organizations.

Lizardgirl 7

Meanwhile Mr. Bobbit is doing well but took a different root as a male **** star. He claims that his penis is fine and that the incident actually improved his love life. Unfortunately he has lost several relationships due to accusations of physical abuse. I'm not going to inject my personal opinions into this matter, but I think some people really need to do their research before commenting

see I read this and thought it was some **** star he looked up. never heard of her but I'm only 27. Thank you for explaining everyone

#76 Dude, there's a big difference between being cheated on and being physically assaulted and raped for years by the person who is supposed to love you to the point where you can no longer take it. Sure, they're both horrible to varying degrees. But I doubt most people would approve of a wife having her boobs cut off OR a man having his dick cut off off over mere cheating. I'm not saying what Bobitt did was right. But after years of abuse that took a major toll on her mental health, it's no wonder she reacted the way she did.

#76 Some people snap after years of abuse and shoot or try to kill their partners so they can escape... i think what she did wasn't to bad considering her situation.

Or many on here who haven't been born yet.

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I'd think instead of cutting off her boobs, her ******** would be more painful. It is essentially a woman's dick...

Xandrick 22

Okay, everyone, let us reverse the situation. Wife abuses husband for years, he suffers immensely, and one night he mutilates her ****** past the point of it being able to be pleasured, in her sleep. (But surgery can fix this later.) How does this make people feel? Are his actions justified? Does she deserve more hate than him?

76 and all his repliers. She cut his dick off after years of abuse and rape, of course I'm not condoning it, but she obviously snapped. Breasts are not a raping tool so that's not even a comparison. Not even her ********. 155 was the closest to a comparison and neither situation sounds more "right".

I think in that case we would probably give him a bit more hate but not much because he was traumatized. Well in theory. A lot of people would just say he's a man, he isn't being abused

Your love of Mr. peepee means you are Mr. paypay now

Congrats, she now knows you respond positively to threats on your dick.

I too respond positively to dick threats

Sounds like the OP's balls are in his wife's purse, although not literally, yet...

Hitting would be the bright side to this. This woman is talking about chopping the whole thing off.

First time I would call a girl a dick instead of a bitch.

Never let her take you out to Chop Suey

Wow... Sorry, OP, but your wife's a bitch. I usually don't like those "Dump him/her" or "Divorce him/her" comments, but in this situation I think it's actually legit advice.

Agreed. What a spoiled brat for forcing you to blow a lot of money on food like that, and on top of that threatening you with something that extreme over it. She's immature and not ready for marriage or even a relationship, and it seems like she needs some counseling. Someone's got to tell this woman that it's not appropriate to do something like that.

I'd take her and tell her to remember her purse because she's paying for herself. :)

...divorce her for a stupid threat over an expensive meal? I mean, OP should definitely have a talk with her, and tell her that's not okay, but divorce is serious business, and that shouldn't be the first thing you jump to whenever you disagree in a marriage. Honestly, the way this was phrased sounds more like a joke than a legitimate threat.

64, I'm pretty sure divorce is justified in an abusive relationship. If this is common for the OP, he should seriously consider it. If he knows she's joking, he should grow a pair and tell her no means no.

Whether it was a joke or not, she sounds like she has some serious attitude problems. I mean, demanding your spouse to take you to a place that's probably above their price range, and "snapping" and threatening when they refuse? Doesn't sound like a healthy marriage. At least they should attend couple therapy or something.

64, I don't know about you, but I don't typically get "snappy" when I'm joking. That's reserved for when I give some serious attitude.

64, threatening to castrate someone is NOT by any means funny. That is damn right grounds for divorce, what if this was a man threatening to chop off his wife`s breasts?

99, yes. I agree with all of you, that OP needs to talk to his wife and figure out the situation and if the time comes, to separate. But honestly, don't jump straight to divorce! Threats are one thing, actions are another: if he feels legitimate danger, then yes, please, get therapy for both of them. Maybe it's just me, but people seem to get divorced over the quickest things today, try to work it out first and then get divorced if you can't. Don't separate and then regret it!

I'm pretty sure OP would regret it if his wife separated him from his penis

I just did. She's an abusive bitch and you don't need that with you.