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Today, my girlfriend of a couple of months texted me that she was very sad because her puppy had just passed away. Feeling sorry for her, I bought her another puppy of the same breed. I wrapped it in a blanket and placed it on the passenger seat and went to pick her up from school. She sat on it. FML
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lmfao the PETA reference was funny... they get rather extreme.

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Someone is feeling a little hostile today...

jennin do u go to clubs with mutant ghostfaced girls with arms equal to both of ur thighs so u look better by comparison? gosh i hope she doesnt use fml too goodbye self esteem

i think the real victum here is the puppy lol

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actually, we all just met a 115 pound bitch.

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It was obvious jennisac has two people in her picture.

yeah well you may be only 115lbs, but it's 115lbs. worth of dumbass....and that's A LOT. don't you understand there's such a thing as a mistake? I'm not suprised you are a PETAphile (is that a real term or am I being original?) I'm sure they could use another mindless finger-pointing idiot going alot and making accusations like you're doing. I'm will to bet you've made a mistake before, even though I'm quite certain you'd be ready to argue that to the ends of the earth. do us and the op a favor and shut up.

yeah well you may be only 115lbs, but it's 115lbs. worth of dumbass....and that's A LOT. don't you understand there's such a thing as a mistake? I'm not suprised you are a PETAphile (is that a real term or am I being original?) I'm sure they could use another mindless finger-pointing idiot going alot and making accusations like you're doing. I'm will to bet you've made a mistake before, even though I'm quite certain you'd be ready to argue that to the ends of the earth. do us and the op a favor and shut up.

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@62 weight alone doesn't mean anything, your height is significant as too.

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173- WIN! did you get that from did you hear about the morgans?

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Your soul is on fire. Please find Jesus Christ.

well wtf get another picture cuz it looks like you have a huge ass arm or something its really hard to make something out of it

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you no how bad the girl would have felt knowing she killed a puppy and I think dog is the real victim but also is the dog just injured or did it die

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are u aware power that puppies are very tiny... and fragile the girl could have been 90 pounds... if you plop down on that small of a dog its going to die.

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ha...puppy pancakes are a delicacy in some Asian countrys

wow calm down he was just doing the chick a FAVOUR

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Well, I believe everyone saying she's an idiot for not looking are just ignorant douchebags. Maybe she did look, but didn't move it because it's a BLANKET. No one minds sitting on a blanket. And since it's a pup, you aren't going to know it's there because it's so small. It could've looked like a lump in the blanket. Really now, am I the ONLY rational person here?

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your the one who sat on the puppy?!

You must have been pretty cruel to wrap a puppy so hard in the blanket that it would sit still for the drive.

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yes if a fat ass sits on a puppy it dies puppy grave :)

this is nowhere an fml your life is nit f'ed up. the fml is for the dog the girl didnt sit on you! she sat on the DOG :(

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Dies anybody realize that jenni called herself a fatass in the first comment then replied to it again calling herself a retard? Some one has ego issues

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OP, what is wrong with you. If my dog passed, I would NOT want another dog, ESPECIALLY not one that was of the same breed. Dogs can not just be replaced like stuffed animals, and frankly, I'd be extremely mad at you.

Lol@ #278. Racist idiots just get stupider every day.

you're an idiot for leaving it in the car while going inside to get it? cus that makes sense ouch OP bad luck

Perhaps she came out to meet him and he never left the car?

like I said previously. you kill all the FMLs for me... I feel like deleting this app and getting another one so I don't have to see your shitty, ill mannered bullshit all the time... fml.

When he said "went to go pick her up" he didn't leave his car, he drove to pick her up. and op, you should have thought that out.

no I don't find you rude persay just ... oddly very annoying. it's distressing. you're like a cold wet blanket on any happy mood I manage to obtain... *calls therapist*

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@snickerdoodles. Please shut up. You try to come off as so intelligent, but you're really not. if anything, you're just super ******* annoying.

If someone like Snickerdoodles bothers you that much, you're not ready for the internet. There are far worse people out there who are total dicks for all the wrong reasons and laugh at you for trying to reason with them. They make the internet a headache for everyone, especially those who remember the internet when it was still peaceful. Snickerdoodles simply has an opinion, and just like everyone else, has the right to it. If you don't like it, ignore it. It's not that hard.

Guys, guys, seriously... if you don't like snickerdoodles, just deal with her the way the mafia dealt with Linguo. (Apologies if you don't get the reference; I'd give a Youtube link or something, but I can't find one)

I'm still on double secret probation for being rude/crude.

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Wise words Pendatic as always. :) I've actually been a long-time believer in that mantra, but part of me just ogles at the fact that she can piss off so many people in one sitting. I've never met another 16-year-old who can do quite as much damage as she can on FML before.

hey it's not like I want her to burn at the stake, or pay for my pills before the ppl in white haul my butt to Arkham... just pointing out that for some reason with all the idiocy that others post here, she bothers the hell out of me. thus destroying any happiness I gain from other peoples' daily delimas. i too have an opinion :3

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I honestly look at snickerdoodle's comments and don't see anything different, just on one comment someone said something nasty to her and stupid people jumped on the idiot bandwagon

@103 and she is ugly, don't forget ugly.

wow. if you let snickerdoodles comments"ruin" your day and fml, then you need to grow up. seriously

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Seriously, grow up. And it could be worse, she could constantly calling you all assholes for picking on her, or always making sex jokes that aren't really funny. So get over her fixing your mistakes.

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@172, win for Arkham reference.

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I 100% agree with snickerdoodle. It was VERY stupid of the OP to buy her a new puppy, RIGHT after hearing about the death of the old one. insencitive mothafucka. NOT FYL, F the poor, sat on puppies L. YDI (:

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hey snickerdoodles what state are you in. cause you sound just like someone I know

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I agree, it was the first thing I thought, you need time to get over a lost pet. Who buys someone a new puppy right after the old one dies? 188 she's not ugly at all... Every woman is beautiful, and just because you aren't attracted to her doesn't mean others aren't.

like I said I don't expect or intend for her to stop bitching at people for no apparent reason... and I most likely won't stop bitching about her raping the fun out of fml on a daily basis ;3


look ok I know that everyone here can be a little mean at times I know i am but I mean snickerdoodle is just a mean bitch she bitches about the op she bitches about the way people type she Bitches about the mistakes that a normal everyday person can have I'm a girl ok not just guys hate her and I have to go with the one that said she was ugly she doesn't have to be ulgly on the outside she is ugly on the inside I know im not pertty or anything but she's just mean and she bugs me

was your eyes closed when she got into the car? u r an idiot okbye

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Hey he could have been to tired to proof read what he wrote... Either that or he is a hick... Or both... Seems funnier that way.

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:O You sir... Deserve a pie for that. Not just any kind of pie, mind you. Cherry pie! :D

No no no you're doing it wrong. It's "kthnxbai!!"

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and you get an afternoon delight... or something ...

How can a puppy even sit still long enough for someone to sit on it!? I know you had your best intentions at heart, but trust me, it's never a good idea to buy a new pet for someone almost the instant their old one dies. Especially not of the same breed. That goes for all pets, and not just dogs. Best to give her time to heal before moving on to the next one. Even I will need time after my pet Betta dies who knows when from now.

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My dog was given to me as a gift just a month after a cat I've had for over 13 years was euthanized, and it took me a LONG time to get attached to him because the dog got sick right after I got him. Luckily it was a treatable(BUT EXPENSIVE, it was a giardia infection he caught at his breeder's place) issue, but I felt none of that instant OMG PUPPY! feeling because I was still numb and sad about my cat(who was like my baby, always following me and sleeping next to me on my bed). I couldn't spare the energy to worry about this poor dog. I tended him because I had to, not out of a genuine need to comfort him. I played with him because he needed it, not because I wanted to. There was little fun in anything I did with this sweet little dog. I so regret those three months now, and I can't have them back. I never got to enjoy his puppyhood, but I adore him NOW. Still, I wish the person who gave him to me would've held onto him until I was more ready for a new pet in my life.

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way to make it even more depressing

wow, you managed to get a dog that fast, did you go to a puppy mill? >:(

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^^^ Uh yeah. Almost 90% of pet store dogs come from puppy mills, and the others are from backyard breeders. Duh.

@24: You serious? The only places pet stores get cats and dogs from ARE puppy mills. The mills get some of their animals from BYB's (backyard breeders), but most come directly from their inhumane, sick, and filthy mills. Please get informed. This is why animals are the very last thing that should have been made into a large business by anyone. And what if he picked one up from the shelter?

How is this possible? How would you not notice sitting on a puppy? Unless your girlfriend took a running leap into her seat I cant see how this could have happened.