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Today, I asked my little cousin if he had a girlfriend if he had a girlfriend. “Yes,“ he said. “Two, but I’m going to keep the one with the biggest boobs.“ He’s 7. FML
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I to ask people a question twice before I let them answer.

Maybe they're imaginary?


I to ask people a question twice before I let them answer.

To be honest, I completely read the FML with only one "if he had a girlfriend." I guess my brain just interpreted it as a normal sentence without any repeats.

Okay 29 & 34, we get it. Shut the fuck up.

Yes a lot of people don't see the the error in these kinds of sentences.

Yeah, 57, they they really don't.

Talk about an early bloomer!

Maybe they're imaginary?

Don't you dare call boobies imaginary! What is wrong with you?

Not imaginary, just that they live in Canada and can't come visit whenever other people ask for proof of their existence.

Fuckboi: the early stages...

well I don't know well I don't know what to say. Too much crap on TV that's why kids are messed up at a young age...

The kid is like that because he is like that Just because someone watches TV or plays video games doesn't mean they'll become mass killers or have multiple girlfriends

Get off my lawn! Now where did I put my prune juice?

Not always tv, internet

amileah13 26

He must be doing something right!

Don't know why you're getting downvoted, this comment is priceless.

Because this is a 7 year old child who is thinking about breasts and other people as simply valuable because of sex appeal. That is not doing something right.

this kid is going places

Like on a list of the ten douchiest guys some poor gal will have the misfortune of dating. This list will likely be published to her blog and receive many retweets or something.

Like divorce court.

He's going places alright. Like Maury's.

not college, but places

Damn he knows what's up! lol

Multiple choice: A. ( . )( . ) B. ( @ Y @ ) The obvious answer is B for Big and Boobs.

But what if A has a better personality?

I don't know if I'd be willing to pass up the opportunity to learn how somebody got two Unicode @ symbols for areolae.