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Today, our boss asked us out to lunch and told us to choose wherever we wanted to eat. Thinking that she’d be paying for it, we chose a pricey seafood restaurant. When we'd eaten, she told us that we could pay her back later. FML
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YDI for attempting to take advantage of your boss like that. I'm sure that if you hadn't chosen such a pricy place, that she would've gladly paid without asking to be paid back. Ass.

Might presumptuous of you, wasn't it? The last few places I've worked the boss would always pay, even for regular meals, but I would *never* think about taking advantage of this by intentionally choosing high priced restaurants. You're an ass.


YDI for attempting to take advantage of your boss like that. I'm sure that if you hadn't chosen such a pricy place, that she would've gladly paid without asking to be paid back. Ass.

your completely right I agree with you 100%!!!

Finally, the first comment is more than a few words long!

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While I agree with what you say, I must admit that it's sort of a culture (here in South East Asia) that boss will pay for food if he/she invites the employees out for meal. Just among people I know, 9 out of 10 will expect employer to pay, while maybe 5 out of 10 will purposely take advantage and order something that cost a lot. Same reason that it's rather rare for shops here to have any sort of return policy, mostly it's just "Goods sold are not refundable" everywhere, otherwise people will take advantage of it.

if she asked you out she should pay, plus she's the Boss so treat your employees every once in a while.

they are employees not dates. asking people to lunch is a nice gesture not an invitation to a free lunch

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Yeah, & OP shouldn't have been a jerk & chosen an expensive seafood restaurant.

Nah, I agree with #2. If it happened the way OP described, it's not at all weird. In most situations where I've been out like that, the more senior person will pay, despite any protests and attempts to split the bill. It's not that you're looking for a free meal, it's just how it happens. Besides - it's Manila - how expensive could it have been? I've been out to dinner there, where the bill for four people was less than the bill for one in Europe.

The places where bills are cheaper are usually also places where the minimum wage is lower and people earn less.

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It depends on the occasion for being asked out to lunch. When ever my main boss invites us out to lunch, it's normally to reward us for completing a certain project with in a dead line. It's written off as a business expense. It's not uncommon but I guess that wasn't the case with the OP's boss. She probably just felt as if she was being taken advantage of.

It is Manila, however have you stopped to think that these ppl are actually from that country and don't make as much as you and me? It may be cheap with our dollars converted to their pesos but not pesos to pesos. It is sadly the same

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I didn't know the Philippines used peesos.

#21 - yes, I completely understand that, but a lot of places in Asia, it's cheap to eat out by any standard. OK, if you're at the extreme end of wealth or poverty in any country, you're going to be in the same boat, but eating out in these places is pretty routine. The main point of my post wasn't the conversion factor, but rather that it's not that weird for a boss to pay if they ask you out to dinner.

Note that you said the boss/higher up will often pay despite offers/protests to at least split the bill. From the sound of it, OP's boss may have been planning to pay but changed her mind when op didn't even offer to pay her fair share. Op should have at least been polite enough to offer.

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*sigh* shoulda stuck with mcdonalds >.<

have you Seen the price of maccas recently?? it's a joke

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That's what I was thinking... But McDonalds food is raising in price. YDI for choosing somewhere expensive.

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i work at McDonalds.....our salads arent bad....but everything eles sucks except for the fruit n yogurt parfies....

maccas is Aussie slang for mcdonalds. thought that was pretty obvious

No, but everyone in the world should have at least basic skills of comprehension and inference from context. Somebody mentions McDonald's, somebody replies speaking of "Macca's", it's not a stretch to figure out that they might be the same thing. Of course, if one were to lack these basic skills, one could also just type "maccas" into Google and the first result would say that it is Australian slang for McDonald's.

thank you Zargon. I was going to say something along those lines but I thought it may sound too Australian to understand :-)

If you have a mental incapability that actually prevents you from having basic reading comprehension and inference skills, FML isn't exactly the place for you, nor are you too likely interested in it to begin with (given that an incapability of that level also tends to have other, more debilitating effects than not being able to understand comments on a website). And if you're too lazy to open up Google, how arrogant and entitled you must be to think that it's anyone else's job to make up for that deficiency. Used to be that you were expected to have attempted to answer a question for yourself before you could expect anyone online to take the time to do it. Then came the Eternal September and it kinda went downhill from there....

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im sure depending on the amount of co workers she brought, since it was pricey, the final total was pretty high so what do you expect?.. karmas a b!tchh

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Sorry to say, but nothing isn't for free anymore, you guys should have figured there was a catch somewhere ! and anyone being that kind sounds a little odd !

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Nothing isn't for free!? Damn, I wish I knew that before I payed $1000 for a midget on a leash. I would have just taken it!

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^ You are honestly NOT funny. No, like seriously, you're not.

It's hillarious. He wasn't able to steal a midget. I do it everyday.

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and you're black. eternal truths all around

Ydi.. The boss probably would have payed if the bill wasn't so expensive and if you guys weren't so obviously taking advantage...

If you hadn't picked such a 'pricey' place to eat, I'll bet she wouldntve said that you had to pay her back. YDI.

ydi.... mabye you should have paid it together enstead of being a selvish bitch?

SELFISH*. sorry usually don't like correcting people but I had to cause "selvish" sounds like some sort of weird fetish