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Today, I went to a restaurant with a girl I really liked. She started crying when an overweight family walked in and loudly sobbed about how the parents were "murdering" their children. This made the father of that family try to fight me. FML
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Ohhhh nooooo he will eat you

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You should have slapped the shit out of her.

That's what I said :)

I'm glad like was in the past tense in the fml.

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Does she think fat people are immoral or something? She might become a Fat Guy Strangler!

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No but here's the thing and "neg" all you want: it always makes me sad to see obese children with obese parents. It's one thing to be fat and hurt yourself but it's quite another to pass your horrible habits down to your kids without trying to instill good habits like being active and eating right most of the time. While I think your girl overreacted, OP, in a way she's kind of right especially if it was a fattening restaurant.

Agreed, actually. It's bad enough that you get your fat parent's genes, but then they also get their bad habits. That just makes the kid unhealthy, both physically and mentally.

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56-completely agree. well saod

24- she probably lik tht bcuz shes had medication -___-

Is it the same family that had the 300 pound man open the door and give that OP a hug?

That's what I ask myself too. Heh

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Pow! Right in the kisser!

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Haha love family guy!

#82 nice picture haha!

115 why thank you

That's what you get for dating the crazy chick

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I find it funny how some people automatically assume

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At least she is concerned for kids health. Apparently the kids parents arent. I get sad when I see morbidly obese kids and just think that they will probably not make it to see 20. But I wouldn't make a friggn scene in a restaurant.

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Lmfao if you walked the mile to the grocery store you wouldn't be obese

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If most people there didn't work 12 hour shifts or have two jobs then maybe they would have the time to do that.

140, Get over yourself. I live on McDonald's and Mountian Dew, and I'm not overweight. It's called exercise, try it. Don't try and say you can't afford to go to a gym either, because all you need is a street to run on, a body of water to swim in, or any other exercise at all that you can do at home

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I agree with you but not everyone has that kind of leisure time.

I find it hard to believe you never had at least one(1) hour of free time. If you did, that is more than enough time to work out and exercise.

Fat peeps should only eat they would get healthier!!

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I have which is why I'm not obese. My mother on the other hand who worked three jobs with a child didn't. Which is probably why she's obese.

I'm sure you watch TV at some point during the day, so during commercials, do a few situps, crunches, pushups, or run in place. If you don't watch TV, which I doubt, use the time you waste on FML to exercise. You've proven you have that much free time.

156... Regardless of the eating habits of some obese parents or the health problems that can cause people to be obese, not EVERYONE has time to spare for running around the block. Do you know how much energy a child takes out of you? Or a full time job? Or both plus another job? Maybe after 8 hours of work, a few hours of school and spending time with your family, it's a wee bit difficult to go for a nice jog around the block.

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153, I have free time and choices which is why I'M not. But the people in my old neighborhood don't.

I just want to point out that the main issue of this FML (besides the crazy girlfriend) was that the children were obese. It's true some obese adults may have no choice in their lifestyle due to jobs and kids, but obese children have far fewer excuses.

people that eat mcdonalds type food can be thin. it's still not healthy. I have done heart surgery on marathon runners. why? genes and poor diet.

and our American processed foods are DESIGNED to make u obese and sick-it's designed to support our health care BUSINESS shocker... thin or fat can be an indicator of health but it is not the sole indicator. u can be thin with a cholesterol through the roof and athroscerlotic vessels lol

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140 I used to think that way. Then I realized people need to have will power. If McDonalds is cheaper, SO WHAT. Your medical bills will be even higher if you don't invest in your health. And yes I understand there are some poor people, raising kid alone. That's still not an excuse and that's rarely the case for fat people. It's about self control an will power. Use it if you don't want to be fat.

I hate it that people immediately blame it all on the parents. Unless the child is homeschooled, public education should also be held accountable. Idk how it is in other places, but the school districts that I went to as a kid didn't stress physical education as strong as they should. And don't even get me started on the nasty square "pizzas" they would serve for lunch. Trans fats anyone?

182, Do you honestly believe that McDonalds is in league with the AMA? If so, you just proved yourself much dumber than I thought possible, even for this site.

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@140 yes, supermarkets that dont sell ANYTHING deemed as healthy. thats logical. now, im going to have to make some assumptions here given that i dont live in your country, but i highly doubt it varies that much. first, any franchised supermarket will stock fruit and vegetables. youve just assumed its "stocked full of hormones" which, unproven nonsense aside, doesnt automatically make everyone obese or 'prematurely pubescent'. first, you need to know WHAT is being put into the food before you can make any sort of judgement call. second, if something has an effect on entire populations causing ill health, odds are its illegal. you have a food standards board whose job it is to prevent additives that cause large scale health issues, and if your entire area was somehow affected by this "hormone" then the food theyre selling would almost undoubtedly be illegal. by the way, unless the company growing them is out to get you i doubt your vegetables were the cause of this mass weight gain. also, decent quality additive free vegetables are cheaper than discounted meat products. so unless you live below the poverty line, highly unlikely you couldnt afford a vegetarian diet. ill tell you what it sounds like, it sounds like someone who doesnt have any concept of nutrition or health trying to pin the blame on someone else because either they, their friends or their family made poor nutritional choices.

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@144 congratulations on looking healthy. my condolences to your colon and cardiovascular system. @165 nobody forced you to get pregnant. nobody forced you to keep the pregnancy. its not the responsibility of others to clean up after your mistakes. if you choose to get pregnant and thus choose to ignore your own health and the health of your children, people have the right to choose to judge you for it. you can now choose to do something about making sure your child doesnt choose to make the same bad decisions as you did, the first step would be ensuring the child gets plenty of exercise and a proper diet. @193 thats illogical. life education is the responsibility of parents. i guess you expect the school system to be responsible for teaching the children their table manners too? the schools have a responsibility in education that is NOT all encompassing. its your ******* children, if there is something they arent learning then you need to be proactive about it, not just blame everyone else.

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I get really pissed when people like #140 try to claim that being poor makes you obese. You have obviously never been that poor. When I was poor, I was underweight, and I tried to eat fattening foods in the hopes that I would gain a few pounds! If you don't know what its like to go without food and you have enough to not only be fed ok but to be overweight/obese, you are not "being made obese because I'm poor", you have enough food and are just looking for a factor to blame your obesity on.

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207, being poor doesn't mean your starving. It means you have two dollars for dinner and the only things you can buy in large volumes for cheap is fattening junk.

203 - I want to thumbs up your comment but it's too long so my phone won't let me scroll up. :( Damn you faulty app!

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@214 wrong. buy some vegetables and steam them.

172 - I don't know about you but I have to eat whatever my parents serve me. So... Yes, children have excuses.

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Genes. Ok let's look at this. My family is all obese. My dads side is overweight. My aunt had to have surgery to lose weight. I do NOT want to be fat. I have the genes in me, trust me bc I used to be fat as a young kid. But I did something about it when I grew up and realized what being overweight does. He'll I've even had two kids an managed to lose all the weigh... BOTH TIMES. Even with my genes against me, I'm skinny. Trust me I understand genes playing a role. But people nowadays are going to the gym, not seeing stellar results after one week, and then give up saying 'it's my genes'. You don't lose weight in a week or a month. It takes time. I thought some obese people lack dedication to actually stick with a program and lose weight. As for being poor made you fat ordeal that was said. Ok I was broke for a few months an was literally eating instant potatoes. If you have 5$ to spend, don't spend it on McD's or something. Buy fruit. Like a lb of bananas. Bananas fill you up and make you feel full longer. Or buy the cheap store brand things. Save money and tastes the same.

a mile isn't that long I ran a mile in 7 mins.....

I'm impressed with how judgmental people are considering that 1/3 of the US is overweight and another 1/3 obese. Similar stats can be found in other countries (see: Australia). Even if you can't empathize, show a little compassion. People who make poor choices regarding their health will feel repercussions in their own bodies. Don't berate people to complicate the issue into non-health (e.g. social) aspects of their lives. That goes beyond concern for health into just being a self-righteous douche.

This has grown drastically in the past generation. Unhealthy food additives (and computer use) is part of the cause. Clearly a lot of food options now are JUNK. However produce shouldn't have hormones. Pesticides, maybe. But people mostly eat hormones from meat and dairy. (Btw I find it easier to lose weight when I put almond milk on my cereal than skim. It also tastes good and saves 46 calories per cup. More expensive though - I'm not mentioning it as a cheap alternative. But, I also drink less of it because it seems more filling.)

quick question. was Stewie Griffin following them with a tuba?

It annoys me when fat ppl make excuses for being obese. No matter how poor u are, no one is forcing u to shove fried chicken down ur throat. Have u heard of portion control and exercise too? Try it one of these days. I know there are ppl who are fat due to genetics or health reasons but they probably make up 10% of the obese population. Let's be honest, most fat ppl are fat because they eat shit food and too lazy to exercise.

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@234 i dont care what the girl said, it does in no way give the fat asshole the right to physically attack ANYONE. commenting on someones weight does not cause physical harm and therefore shouldnt be responded to with such. compassion? **** that. he deserves to be taught a lesson or two in self restraint. by the way, she wasnt talking to or at them, they overheard what she was saying and thus took offense to it. i doubt she was aware of the volume of her comments, and i dont really consider having a strong moral stance toward what is essentially forced health issues to be a bad thing. while i can understand telling a fat person theyre killing themselves to be tacky and rude, these parents are simply neglecting the health of their own children, which damn well should be brought to their attention at any given opportunity.

You are aware that 9 is not an unusual age for girls to start puberty arn't you? Girls can start puberty as early as 7. And a mile? You say that like it's an unresonable distance. You walk around 3mph, so, 20 minutes to get there, 20-30 minutes to shop, another 20 minutes to get back. So around an hour to get healthy foods which is again not an unresonable amount of time. No one thought they could walk, even pull a tolley along with them to the supermarket? It doesn't sound like people had a lack of choice, they chose convenience over health.

Yea, I think the fat father was in the wrong here. "You judgin me? OMFG! I gunna beat up your acquaintance here to teach you a lesson!"


If you have enough time to thoughtlessly plant your seed, you have enough time to exercise. it all comes down to terrible life choices that create a domino effect. Get pregnant, need three jobs, need cheap food = unhealthy lifestyles for them and their kids.

I simply don't get why you would have to spend money on soda?? Drink water, that's free!!!!!

i walk a little over a mile to school and back 5 days a week... and i go to a high school. So i need to go to 7 different classes on different floors.. then i occasionally go food shopping about once every two weeks that are far... i'm average weight for a 14 year old. i'm weigh around 100 pounds... and the supermarket isn't as healthy as you would want either...

#263 Best Comment !!

Some people can eat whatever they please and not gain weight. It doesn't necessarily mean they're healthy; they just have a fast metabolism. And @144 Exercise all you want, but living on McDonald's and Mountain Dew is going to cause some serious malnutrition and bad health effects. That shit you're eating is going to catch up with you.

@260 You may have somewhat of a point, but your math skills are shit.

Ohhhh nooooo he will eat you

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You should be able to outrun him pretty easily, though.

Double tap...

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The first ones to go are the fatties.

Don't be a hero...

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Enjoy the small things

Never talk about fight club. C C C COMBO BREAKER

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108- it's enjoy the little things and in this case it's "Enjoy the big things" if get where I'm coming from xD

Avoid public restrooms.

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Buckle up

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check the back seats

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Limber up ;)

maz_irken 6

Limber up ;)

maz_irken 6

Limber up ;)

maz_irken 6

Limber up ;)

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Comment goes perfectly with your picture

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Wow.. That sucks... You still like her?? Lol

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I hope he doesn't

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Hope he doesn't still like her she's obnoxious, sensationalist, and judgmental to boot.

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Wait what? She didn't even really do anything wrong...

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@190 people tend to only support those defending the rights of children when the behaviour isnt a taboo topic. while you or i may support her right to express her opinion on something shes actually not wrong about - since learned parental habits are a MAJOR contributing factor to overweight and obesity leading to DMT2 heart disease, cancer and numerous other health problems - there are people who will try to claim that a minority figure of less than 5% of the population who have valid weight limiting medical conditions are a valid reason to never ever make judgements on peoples size. viva la fat revolution?

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208, Help me out here, when exactly was cancer medically linked to obesity? Admittedly, typically obese individuals have lifestyles that have questionable behavior associated with them, ( I.E., smoking,lethargy) however, being obese I do not believe has been reliably linked to cancer. Please stop influencing those of questionable intelligence with propaganda. Thank you, that is all.

Obesity can be directly linked to many heart conditions. Those aren't necessarily cancerous, but are dangerous and can be fatal, nonetheless.

a_nutritionist 10

@213 wow, really? youre taking that route? fine, ill be more pedantic since apparently some of us want to pick on technicalities. lifestyle behaviours such as poor diet and lack of exercise have been linked to increased risk of cancer due to the inflammatory processes attributed to low consumption of plant foods and higher intake of carcinogens and processed foods. in addition, gene expression that results from obesity as well as the high LDL and oxLDL expression has been linked to increased susceptibility to cancer. of course in all cases we are talking about increased risk based on physiological responses to poor diet and exercise, something youll find that has been agreed upon for some time now, so please stop nitpicking on the finer details, thankyou.

She's a keeper!

diets of meats and processed food have higher percent in cancer rates over diets in mostly nutrient dense foods. I'm currently reading several books on the subject and many proven studies are mentioned. Dr. Fuhrman, "Eat to Live", and "Eat to Health". Dr. Garth Davis (bariatric surgeon) "Proteinaholic". I had weight loss surgery 2 years ago and I am now thin and working hard to be and stay healthy! After surgery we are told to eat protein protein protein. Dr. Davis has changed his recommended diet after research and learning all those meats and dairy foods are linked to cancer.

Hey man, being a fatty is a life style choice. don't hate

By that logic we shouldn't be hating on terrorists, we shouldn't be hating on murderers or underworld crime. Just because something is a lifestyle choice doesn't mean that it is always legal, or the right choice. Now over feeding your kids is hardly illegal, but it's still a wrong lifestyle choice.

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Unless you choice of life style doesn't hurt or bother other people, you can choose whatever life style you want and it's none of anyone's business.

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Unless you want to do drugs, That is illegal and doesn't effect anyone else

fthislyfe 22


fthislyfe 22

rules can be changed, drinking is illegal in my country while it's not in western countries. But we do break the rules. Anyway, we shouldn't interfere in anyone's life unless it's affecting us.

Oh trust me, you have no idea how much obesity is really costing us. Here in Australia there is an additional 1.5% tax known as the Medicare levy. If you do not own private health insurance it's 2.5%. now I know that's not a lot, but that's just one example of how obese people do indeed have an impact on all of society. If you want more examples just ask.

salvorican 24

Child obesity is a problem.. I've heard that obese children are getting taken away from their parents and put in to foster homes... It's like neglect for letting a child become THAT overweight..

Gary I see what you're trying to say, it doesn't affect anyone else directly, but it sure as hell does affect us! Drug addicts are more likely to steal for their payments. They may increase insurance rates in certain areas. They usually don't work and rely on government support. Overdoses and violent domestic breakouts result in hospital beds occupied for the wrong reasons... There are countless ways in which other people's "harmless and personal" lifestyle choices affect society as a whole.

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I like that law! USA needs a similar

The Medicare levy is for everyone, we all use it... Obesity is a problem but so are many other diseases and choices... We can't say that obese people are costing us so much, when people who do drugs, drink, reckless driving etc.. Costs just as much, in terms of tax dollars spent for health care... And FYI most obese people do not chose to be obese, and by people being negative and insulting them, actually makes it worse... Let people deal with their own lives and stop critizing everyone else's.

leadman1989 15

By that logic every lifestyle choice that could potentially be harmful should be banned. Skydiving/flying, racing/driving, skateboarding the list is long.

abceasyas123abc 12

Marinus, the Medicare levy does a hell of a lot more than just take care of people with lifestyle-related diseases. I'm afraid you imply otherwise.

Yes but it's a form of child abuse when your children are obese and you let it happen. Obesity isn't who you are it's a danger to your health. I worked at a daycare and this one kid had hamburgers packed by his mom for breakfast and lunch. They had to call social services because it kept happening and he was so big it was making him sick

More likely to steal for payments? there's an obvious difference between occasionally indulging in some pot or shrooms and being a heroin addict.

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ok, ill settle all of this, obesity as a child is a choice by the parents, obesity for a teenager is their choice, along with adult, I have a thyroid problem, so I have to work twice as hard to stay in shape, so yeah, I have a gut, but I can't help it, but I can help that even with my gut I can still run, do sit ups and pushups just like a healthy person without a gut

Hey man sorry to hear about your thyroid. I know exactly what you mean. I'm not picking on people like you because that's not a lifestyle choice you're living. You can't help your thyroid is damaged. What I was referring to is people who can live a more healthy life but chose not to because it's less effort.

a_nutritionist 10

@92 "And FYI most obese people do not chose to be obese" actually yes, they do. i think the line youre looking for is "some obese people do not choose to be obese", since the majority are a result of poor lifestyle.

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The stupid thing is that obesity can easily be avoided for most. All I can think about now is obese people stealing the electric buggies at walmart because they can't walk for long. Our elderly and people with a broken leg or something needs them more. If anything the obese people need to walk MORE. exercise is good for ya!

ReynshineCutting 10

Obesity/overweight isn't about just setting down the burger and going to the gym. There's a huge mental aspect of it all that can be impossible to get passed without a good therapist that specializes in that area. People say "after awhile those junk food cravings go away and you'll crave healthy food". Well maybe for some but definitely not all. I went 5 months on a healthy balanced diet and cried my way through it because it was living hell. The cravings never got better. Veggies are nasty unless loaded with cheese. I only lost weight in the first 3 months then my body said "No more!" so the last 2 months of hell was pointless. Then my bad genes kicked in and said "this is as thin as you'll get" at 175lbs. Did I exercise too? Yup. Cardio and weight training. Did it help my weight? Not a damn bit. I do still exercise, but not with any intention to lose weight because I know it won't happen and I don't want to be disappointed for the millionth time. I go to make my heart a little healthier. And until I can find some good food therapist to rewire my brain for me, I'm going to eat all that yummy junk food. I do moderate it some, but I honestly would rather be a little overweight and happy than be miserable trying to be a little healthier.

Obese people will never cost as much as illegal immigrants, at least not in the US.

241 that sounds like a problem but you can set your own mind to have your cravings. I get cravings all the time for bad unhealthy food but when I think of something healthier we have in the house I block out all other memory of the bad food and make myself want good food. I visualize eating it and it tasting good. And if you don't like veggies that's your fault. You can't hate ALL veggies. Find one you like even if it's just the tiniest bit. You only need to like two or three to stay healthy, not them all. And I'm sorry exercise doesn't work for losing weight, and like you said you'd rather be a little chubby and happy rather than unhappy and skinny, but don't let yourself get overweight. This is gonna sound silly because I just scolded you in the first half of my comment, but you are doing the right thing by exercising to keep a good heartbeat. Just make some modifications to your cravings, and what you put in your fridge

a_nutritionist 10

simply going to the gym and exercising doesnt guarantee anything, try getting a trainer, try speaking to a dietitian or nutritionist, did you actually educate yourself on nutrition and physical exercise before commencing your lifestyle change? what did you base any of this on? besides, 175 pounds isnt exactly huge, why do you expect to continue losing weight? at what point would you stop? a lot of what you say is questionable.

salvorican 24

Also if you want to control your weight and eat what you want at least watch your portions.. I honestly think exercise, smaller meals, and some healthy food should be good enough if you don't think a strict diet helps..

Because you assume immigrants do not work??? Another idiot who support Trump. Stupidity and ignorance also cost to our society

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Ooh!!! Fun buddy

Why would you dump her? What did she do?

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Because she almost got him in a fight and shes rude and very dramatic

a_nutritionist 10

@110 actually the fat **** almost got him in a fight. he cant hit the girl so he decides to take it out on someone else who was not involved. its the sign of a true hero. clearly her words hit too close to home.

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I'd get rid of her what will happen when she gets knocked up that would be hell

crazy_whitechick 6

Not all women get fat after pregnancies. Only reason some do is because they let go of themselves and eat whatever they want.

abceasyas123abc 12

Oh, I'd assumed allenhouse was insinuating that OP's girl would become an emotional wreck due to the hormones..

Meemin 5

Get rid of that over emotional crazy bitch!

in fairness though... she was right :L. ps OP. I read your name as 'whatadildo'...

Why didn't he blame the girlfriend?

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