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Today, I wanted to take my girlfriend to a nice dinner before prom. Her parents followed her in, and joined us to "keep an eye on me." They interrupted all our conversations, ate an expensive meal, then got up and walked out when the waitress brought the $95 check, leaving me to pay for it. FML
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cookies61889 15

it's ok you get them back while you **** their daughter

Only pay for your two meals and tell the restaurant the name and address of the two parents..


rafsta 0

Go steal 95 bucks from his wallet

Zoydude 0

Pay for it without a word, and they will love you forever

The hell they will! They just wanted a free fancy meal >:V

JustLetItHappen 2

Time to knock a piece off of the daughter now.

get their daughter knocked up and leave her jk. don't leave it's ur responsibility lol. FYL

GeneralGreivous3 0

Don't they know when they're not wanted?

i would ditch them and go to a differnt resturant than i told them to go to XD

nlr 9

awh! I'm sorry! but maybe they like you now

EmoGiana 0

Or maybe they just wanted to chase him away.

ImaWiseGuy 5

or maybe they wanted the free meal they received........

probably not. I hate parents like that

that totally sucks that someone would actually do that, I mean aren't they supposed to be the ones setting examples?

I would make sure I let them know how low they are!!!

If you have sex with her, I want you to call her parents DURING and after you finish, yell "Well worth the $95!" then hang up. P.S. you might want to move away afterwords...

wwweee6362 0

omg my frend luvs black viel brides

Yeah that'd be one way to get back at her parents. But if I was the girl and a guy did that to me. I would dump him that second. And make up a story that ended with me kicking him in the balls.

cookies61889 15

it's ok you get them back while you **** their daughter

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lol yes, make sure they catch you and wave saying, "you're welcome for dinner."

Am I the only one thinking they just indirectly whored their daughter out for a $95 meal?

#4 this is totally off topic but is that lady gaga in ur picture? I'm asking because I can't send messages I'm on my iPod. don't dislike this cause I'm asking a question -_-

#153, you realize by saying "dont dislike this comment" everyone disliked it. arent people just cruel?

I just disliked it as soon as I started to read lady gaga

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*** yea! charge him that!

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wow bet they would be fantastic in laws! hope it's not too serious of a relationship

lolol_BKYCHO 3

I'm glad my parents don't do that. I would have been so embarrassed :c

Only pay for your two meals and tell the restaurant the name and address of the two parents..

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I agree, should have paid for your date's meal and your own, then told the waiter the parents ducked out on their bill. Then **** their daughter on their bed, & blow your load all over their pillows.

Love it, but only works if you plan on dumping the girl. Otherwise the parents will just hate you forever.

I can sort of see their side, I mean, my parents are pretty over-protective, but making you pay for the bill was just a dick move.

schaflava 0

I thought you were a milf!

ilovehamburgers 0

Seriously? that's so rude of them.

nlr 9

I know right? I mean really it's just $90 no big deal! I have 4x that much with me now!

what a spoiled brat. according to statistics I have more annual income than the average American, but $90 for dinner is pretty big if your paying for your girlfriend, you, and her dick parents. some people still go to McDonalds for dinner because that's all they can afford and your here blabbing away like some airhead.

sematariux 7

68 = spoiled rich daddy's girl hahaha

Yeah it also could've been a lot better too! Most high schoolers don't walk around with hundreds of dollars in their pockets.

balest22 0

I'm with 68 - who can't afford that. wow

My fiancé and I live on $1000 a month. We're both in school and doing our best to stay debt free at the same time. It's enough to pay rent, bills, and food/vet for three cats, but we don't get anything extra, and especially not extravagant meals at fancy restaurants. I'm not complaining, honest, but if you're in a position where $95 is naught but a drop in the bucket for you, then you are a very lucky person.

s3xymoma 1

I don't understand why u are quit to judge just bc you ant got money doesn't mean u need people feeling bad for u. n make negative statements about others I mean really what is $90. at least he got to see how beautiful she looks ant that what matters.

PSQ91 6

Well 68, I got 90$ x5 with me now!! How's that bitch?!

nlr 9

is everyone don critizing me?! I'm mean geez! my parents have good jobs! I'm not a spoiled rich girl?! I mean it doesn't mean in a spoiled rich daddy's girl! that's only half my allowance

$360 (90x4) is half your allowance and you are trying to convince us you're not spoilt..?

You'd think that with all that money, your parents would be able to secure a good education for you, but alas....this must not be the case.

171 isn't spoiled I hate when people use that word. let's face it would u rather grow up poor or spoiled? But 90 dollars is a lot for some girl you won't remeber in 2 years. Now remeber somewere in this world there is someone who has it worse then you. And someone who has it better. FYL OP.

nlr 9

176 I do get a good education! thank you very much! 188 you are exactly right except I will remember in 2 years... it's just where I live it's a normal allowance and if you wanna make it at my school you have got to be top notch... coach Vera Bradley kavu chanel vera Wang.... and it's only half my allowance because I got grounded for grades...

nlr 9

103 it's not always in my pocket! I have at the least 3 cards.... and how in the world would you know I'm just in high school?!

nlr, your birthday is on your profile genius. I'm finding it very hard to believe you have any education at all, I'm finding it even harder to believe you have the money you say you do.

are you all really that stupid? it's kind of obvious she is using sarcasm...

nlr 9

211 and 222 I am in highschool and a cardiology training program! so that you I am getting a wonderful education! and I do have as much money as I say because my step-daddy owns a car dealership! and my daddy is a cop.

nlr 9

so quit bothering me and leave me alone! please and thank you!

nlr 9

I thought I said to leave me alone! geez! what ever happened to freedom of speech people! your so annoying! and yes I'm gonna be rude because apparently please doesn't matter anymore!

Nothing happened to freedom of speech, in fact I am exercising that freedom right now. Your logic is quite confusing.

nlr 9

okay... I have no idea what you meant by logic but I honestly don't care okay just please leave me alone

And you wonder why people think you are stupid.

nlr 9

shut up! one blonde moment and I'm stupid huh? well y'all aren't very smattering either because your arguing with someone you don't know

How do you get 1 blonde moment from 8 stupid posts? And you aren't even blonde...God you need serious help...

KattAlex 4

@nlr-What the ****! That is ridicules for you too think that isn't a lot of money. You know what the average allowance for me and my older brother is, twenty dollars every now and then. And, no we aren't poor or lower middle class if that is what your spoiled little mind thinks. We are actually higher middle class teenagers in white suburbia.

nlr 9

well I'm not stupid and I don't need serious help! and I cant help what your allowance is! god! all of the money I get have left over from MY 3 car payments all goes to charity! and yes I have 3 cars in case one is in the shop! so yeah I don't give a shit now leave me alone no one has commented on this for a while so I'm leaving it at thanks! thanks so much!(:

Raivyn_Grimm 9

The best part of this is that a bunch of the comments in between nlr's last like 5 posts are gone. So she's just repeatedly defending herself against nothing. Oh, and I'm not even going to bother with ridiculing her for being spoiled, since you've all done that throughly.

Raivyn_Grimm 9

Actually, scratch that. I just read the part where she claims to have 3 cars. DAFUQ?????? "In case one is in the shop"???? Oh, ok. My car is in the shop. But don't worry - I have TWO MORE ******* CARS. Because the fact that I only have the physical ability to drive ONE CAR at a time doesn't mean I don't want to try and learn how to drive two cars at once.

MissCharlotte_fml 26

nlr, everyone here hates you. Please never comment ever again. :) Thanks!!