By r u kidding me? - 9/6/2020 20:00


Today, after my girlfriend continuously whined for hours about a specific burger place, I finally gave in and we drove nearly two hours to get there. Once in line, she looked at the menu, then decided everything had too many calories and wanted to go home. She doesn’t get why I’m pissed. FML
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By  bkwusa  |  15

Most likely after 2 hours the craving for it went away, when she saw the calories the cravings turned to disgust. You have already driven 2 hours, why be mad if she doesn't eat anything? It would still have been a sweet gesture, which you turned negative by getting upset about it.

  JasonThorn  |  18

If the craving went away, she shoulda said something. Maybe starting the explanation with "I DROVE FOUR HOURS for your craving and you wasted our time"?

By  mahansm  |  8

Shit test. You failed. She got you to do something that you didn't want to do to try to please her. If you're hungry, stop somewhere and eat. If she doesn't want to eat, tough.

You: Where do you want to eat?
Her: I don't care.
You: (mistake) How about ...?
Her: No, (generic bullshit reason) (repeat until you guess where she actually wants to go)

You: Where do you want to eat?
Her: I don't care.
You: (correct) Pull in to where you want to eat.
Her: (generic objection)
You: You said you didn't care. They have food here; I'm eating here. I'll drop you off at your house when I'm done and you can go anywhere you like.