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Today, my wife confused terminology from my religion with stuff from Harry Potter. FML
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ninjawatcher 2

Now I want to know what religion.

Do you solemnly swear that she's up to no good?


ninjawatcher 2

Now I want to know what religion.

I want to know how far OP could quote Harry Potter before his wife realizes the truth.. "... and every one of us is blessed with a ethereal animal that protects us from these floating demons that will suck the happiness and our very souls from us with a kiss. Mine is a shiny otter. "

112 because religions believe crazy stuff.

Well, Harry Potter was around before Scientology.

And Harry potter has more followers. And it makes more sense.

Mister_Triangle 21

Scientology was founded in the 50's/60's

Scientology was founded when some random **** wanted to make a quick buck.

Don't know why 42 was thumbed down. He's actually right about that. Also; who really cares about Scientology?

68 - L. Ron Hubbard was actually fairly established as a science fiction author, so he's not exactly random.

tweetbaby14 18

68, that must be around the same time Christianity was created.... Now it makes sense why money is given every service and the church still sucks...

madgrinchhatter 12

Some pieces of fiction are heavily influenced by religious ideologies, but I can't really see any in Harry Potter. I'm not sure how this constitutes an FML either, unless you take it as a sign that she doesn't respect your religion (which I think should have been a discussion to have before getting married, but that's just me).

I think that it could be a case of she's trying to respect his religion and got confused? And I think that this does constitute an FML, when you marry someone, the least you could do is learn their beliefs properly, it isn't

Do you solemnly swear that she's up to no good?

Harry Potter Forever! It has a huge influence in a lot of peoples lifes now'a'days. Mine included!

kellygirl83 11

Did she call herself a muggle instead of a shiska? And on a side note why does my autocorrect know muggle but not shiska?

The same reason you show off such lovely cleavage: because it ( in this case, you ) can. That and muggle is a widely accepted "factual" word.

I've not seen or read Harry Potter so apologies if a shiska is from that. Otherwise I think you may mean shiksa.

Muggle is actually a real word. They had it added to the dictionary.

-6, because it's spelled shiksha. if 6 is referring to "swype" (what I use), and not auto-correct, per se, swype is rarely 100% accurate; besides that, swype doesn't care about proper spelling, it counts on the popularity of the word.

The heck? "Shiksa" is Jewish. It refers to a non-Jewish woman.

just let her have her moment so she can get over the greaving

BeforeItWasCool 12

For one, you've spelt grieving wrong. For another, where on earth does it say the wife is grieving?

aliciaanomalyyxo 12

Umm hello she's a Harry potter fan, we are all still grieving!!!

BeforeItWasCool 12

Why, of course, how blindingly obvious that was.

Whatever your religion is, it's as fake as Harry potter. So why are you so offended?

Happy Potter is not fake! How dare you!

Just because you obviously weren't raised under a religion, doesn't mean you get to call religion fake, dumbf**k!

FlyinTurtle 7
Hiimhaileypotter 52
tsent8 15

I expected a lot of Christians to come on and yell about how god is real. Not a bunch of Harry potter fans WTF?

I find it strange that people are more offended that this asshole made a factual statement that Harry Potter is fake than that he told someone their religion is fake. Like 58 said, WTF?

I'm pretty sure that they were being sarcastic... Plus no one wants to touch the subject of the validity of religion with a ten foot pole

No need for a flame war over either topic

73, No one except 10, apparently, who is obviously a trolling troll. Perhaps they are simply refusing to feed him in hopes that he will whither away from malnutrition.

SaltyLurker 10

... thought you might want to know.

Someone is trolling....fully grown mountain trollin ;D

that's exactly what we want you to think.. muggle..

Gwyddone 29

Okay, seriosly. Which religion? I cannot imagine one which could be confused with HP...

If one can confuse Jews with Vikings, anything is fair game.

Well really, religion/wizardry is the same thing; imaginary

jayhawkchik 4

This sucks...but how much kind of depends on your religion. If you're a Christian (assuming you're in USA/UK because the majority of FMLs seem to be) your mum is a dumbass. If you're like a scientologist or something (I have no idea what they're terminology is like but it's the most ridiculous 'religion' I can think of right now), I don't really blame her.

naughtylez82 4

What does there mom have to do with anything?

*their terminology. It is something that is theirs not something that they are.

CoffeeChickBlows 13

I'm with Alan, stop painting religion as respectable, especially over another one. It's misleading and super disrespectful to people who actually use their brains, "bro".

Ah, I tried really hard not to discriminate...what I meant was some religions are more known than others in certain places. For example, if I was a Christian in the US I'd be surprised if I someone didn't know what I meant if I used a common religious term, however, if I was in a country where Christianity is rare or unheard of I would be less surprised and thus those people would seem less ignorant to me. Admittedly the Scientology bit WAS more discriminatory, so I aplogise for that, I just personally don't really consider it a religion so I kind of forgot...but in the interests of those who do, sorry.

You don't consider Scientology a religion? How is it any more far fetched than Christianity?

I don't particularly want to get into scientology right now - it probably won't end well. I shouldn't really have brought it up, I'm aware of that - it didn't help my original, indiscriminatory point, it only weakened it. In any case, in this case my opinions may well be based on ignorance. Scientology doesn't exactly get a good rep in the media and online. I was under the impression that most people considered it a 'crazy scam'. Ignorant perhaps, I'll have to look more into it. I'm sure I'm not the only person who, rightly or wrongly, thinks/initially thought that though.

17 Sorry, I read it as mum instead of wife for some reason. 25 - Go away. I may not know much about scientology but at least I'm not just an ass.

Well of course it's a crazy scam but that's not the point. The point is you were calling one religion better than another when yours is probably just as crazy as Scientology is.

Sorry but if you think scientology is rubbish too then surely you understand what I'm saying? If the whole crazy scam thing is correct then I DO see a difference between scientology and other religions as, even if I don't believe in them, I still respect and understand them as opposed to scientology which SEEMS to be more about making money. The problem here now seems to be that you think all religions are crazy...which is an opinion you're allowed to have but I don't think you can fall back on it when trying to talk about respect. There's a difference between actual respect and just discriminating against everything equally. Personally, although I may have a screwed perception of scientology (though you seem to agree with me), I respect all other religions.

This isn't about me and my beliefs right now. What my comment said is that your religion is most likely just as crazy as Scientology when you look at it. Also, I am simply trying to say that calling Scientology ANY less likely than other religions is unfair, wrong, and just plain stupid.

they're both religions, but that doesnt mean either of them are valid or have any connection to reality

Well I guess we're at an impasse then. I suppose I can see why scientology and other religions may be equally 'crazy' but I don't think that makes them comparable. Assuming, my assumptions of scientology are infact correct, which you say they are, I believe scientology has clear intentions that make it less credible as a religion, even if it isn't actually more crazy (many people tell me that it IS actually more crazy but I don't know enough other than there are 'aliens' so I won't argue that point). Although I'm sure I'll get thumbed down as most of my other comments on this fml have been, I'm sure many others, religious and non-religious, agree. And for the record, I'm not religious and never said I was.

Well, I've heard that the guy who invented Scientology once said, "I'd like to invent a religion. That's where the real money is." I doubt any rational person would accuse Jesus of saying that.

Also, I completely missed it before but sorry about the they're/their! You'll be pleased to know it wasn't legit, just a typo. Thank you for correcting me though - I don't want to contribute to the grammar/spelling fails of the internet...embarrassment is a small price to pay for knowing that people won't copy my fail.

Astrobomb 21

well don't you like to babble