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  tennisrapper1  |  14

I'm sorry to come across harsh, but this is kinda stupid OP. You're mind must have been dazing or something, you're life will still go on and nothing will change after this incident.

By  RagingWill  |  17

Only in America. I now know why other people call us so dumb. I have no faith in my own country any more. >.

  micahsmommy  |  13

39- do you get asked if you're from London? I get that "are you from..." question a lot here too but I hate the London one. I don't ask all Americans "Are you from New York?".


Actually #125, some people are forced to be here. When I moved to Australia a few years back, the one-way ticket was over $2000. Then when I moved back, it was even more expensive, and that was BEFORE the economy went to shit. I'm sure it costs a lot more now.

  logkitty  |  5

in my opinion.. theres a correlation to the amount of.. erm... certain religious folk.. in this country and the amount of stupidity..... and on a happier note.. "the hobbits are going to isengard.. WHAT DID HE SAY?!" *finger wag* :)

  X_Codes  |  11

@98: Yeah. Simply by realizing the differences between American history and LotR, the OP has elevated himself to roughly the 60th percentile* in America.

*Figure is a statistic. Usual rules for statistics apply.