By Meow - 15/09/2009 13:21 - Singapore

Today, I was finishing up my art project that was due the next day. I was really tired and fell asleep on my table. Three hours later, I woke up to find my project torn to bits. I went out and saw my cat vomitting out feathers and other materials I used for my project. FML
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Your cat ate your homework?:D

YDI for stealing your cats prey for your modern art project.


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YDI for having a cat.

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kill the cat.. YDI for having pets, pets are useless to have

YD! for living in Singapore. lol.

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I own a hurts so much

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you have a dog lol

Your cat ate your homework?:D

Try explaing that!!

YDI for having such an awesome kitty

Cats can be assholes.

You were making action figures out of dead birds weren't you.

YDI for not feeding your cat.

YDI for stealing your cats prey for your modern art project.

The great thing about art is that you're clever enough, you can BS some sort of concept as to why it looks like it's been eaten by kitty. ;)

ydi bcuz no adult should have feathers in any art project.

If you want to keep a cat AND study art, you must switch to baths as a medium. Cats hate baths. Use the Cialis ads as inspiration, but don't be a plagiarizing hack.