By 0867142 - 27/02/2010 00:39 - Canada

Today, I found out that I spent a year helping my dad get back into shape, not for his own good health which was what I thought, but so that he could cheat on my mom with 5 other women. FML
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rache8bab 1

who would say ydi on this?!?!? really?

The OP is Tiger's son?!


5?! should go pro

sugarbabyxoxo 2

fyl and your poor mother! I feel bad for you!!

Tiger Woods styleee.

dont forget john terry style

ashley Cole style too

Put fire ants in his condum boy will he get a kick!

I know Jesus, FIVE women? That's impressive.

Yeah he's got some real talent. And dedication. Most people would have abandoned their goal long before a year of working out. But no. Your dad stuck with it until the end and became the best damn man whore he could be!

del_taco15 0


well he did work hard for a year... lol jp ur dads a douche.

darn you #20 I was going to mention Tiger!

thatsluv 0

naw 'Cheetah' Woods was like 12 lol

Danielt104 6

OP, tell your dad Tiger Woods that I said hi.

does ur dad happen to be tiger wood??

He is my hero. Good luck at the masters to him

john Terry is scumm cos he plays for chelseaaa

he's not a man hire he's a fucking legend :)

wow and ew and wow and ew and wow and ew and wow and ew and wow and ew aha fyl

rache8bab 1

who would say ydi on this?!?!? really?

exactly it's not like you could have know your dad would do that

The OP is Tiger's son?!

maybe now he will have to go to rehab for having an "addiction to sex"

Buchitoo 4

hahah win^^^^^

PurpleSquirrel 0

Tiger isn't a Tiger anymore.. he's a cheetah.


damn, he went tiger woods on himself!

45. He's a Lion Cheetah!!

GodBarack 5

Are you sure your dad isn't Tiger Woods?

Haha. that's exactlly what I was thinking when I saw the number "5"

At least you know you did a good job getting him in shape.

sixbabydonkeys 0

can u train me?? haha

blaaaaakely 0

;( bummer! that's truly awful. what a pig.

Why would you have a winking frown face, who winks when they frown?

i can't imagine that's the result you were hoping to see after all your efforts. sorry. :/