By Selina - 22/06/2013 22:59 - United States - Trenton

Today, my dad invited our very cute neighbor inside to introduce him to me. I was wearing pajamas and hadn't showered in two days due to being extremely sick. FML
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dinosxxrawr 22

he's seen you at your worst. it can only get better from here.

He might have enjoyed the pajama part for all you know.


He might have enjoyed the pajama part for all you know.

It could have been worse. Dad could have invited the neighbor in right as OP got out of a shower instead.

iLike2Teabag 27

Why would that be worse? She would be clean, at least.

Depends: Does OP get to wear a towel in this situation? If OP is naked right after they meet, it's surely worse. I doubt the dad will allow that, though. My spidey senses say so.

I don't know...if OP is hot, being naked and freshly showered might have worked out perfectly for her. :D

I never understand when people complain that someone saw them in pajamas. I look just as nice in my pajamas as anything else I wear. Rock those pj's OP

Hell, my girlfriend looks damn good in her Hello Kitty pajamas lol. She even grocery shops in them. If someone is going to find you attractive, they will no matter if you're in pajamas and fuzzy slippers or the classic little black dress.

dreamsneverfall 8

Either way, OP lives next to the guy. He has plenty of time to figure out what she normally looks like.

Ali_Br_fml 33

That's true 65, but some are shallow and take first impressions to heart. He may start to unconsciously judge her every time he sees her based on that initial meeting. Hopefully OP can change her image in his head. I think it was a ploy on her father's part. He knew the neighbor was cute, and that his daughter was going to be into him, but didn't want that to happen, so he set her up... But I'm just really cynical... ;)

What timing! Sorry OP.

I hate it when people come around unexpected. Half the time I'm in my pajamas haha.

Yeah but probably half the time you have showered within 2 days.

Hey at least they were BOTH poorly prepared

dinosxxrawr 22

he's seen you at your worst. it can only get better from here.

That's what I was thinking! Next time he sees you might be when you're dressed up a bit to go somewhere. He'll notice the difference (and hopefully like it)!

xxxbooxxx 16

Exactly! What could be worse?

iLike2Teabag 27

Formally introduce yourself when you get better. Hope you get better soon. :)

Could have been worse. Don't ask me how though.

It could definitely be worse. OP might not have showered for three days. :D

She could have been sick all over him?

She could have been on her period changing her tampon when her dad insisted she meet him

SirTalkaton 22

Just bring him beer when you feel better. It'll amaze him so much he'll forget your previous condition.

What if he can't or doesn't drink? She'll look like a complete twat!

GoodLookingGeese 10

Emily, you're wrong. I don't drink and I love when chicks bring me beer, I give it away to my friends.

It's the hops that counts.

generalasskicker 12

He's a guy look hot next time and he will forget that time

Been there done that, what I did was act normally regardless of looks - since looks change so drastically anyway.

Hey, he has seen you at your worst, it can only get better .

Already been done, Jack.

BlahhBlahhIDGAF 11

Ahh you gotta Love first impressions

Ah, you gotta Hate random capitalization.