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Today, my wife yelled at me for admitting I take my wedding ring off at work. I explained that I work in a chemistry lab and don't want to damage it. She laughed and said, "Oh please, that chemistry stuff is nonsense anyway." All while reading her horoscope. FML
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Nuts to your science! I have a gypsy in a vending machine!


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Do your parents work in a chemistry lab or another situation where they could damage the ring or where wearing the ring could be a safety hazard? No? Then their situation isn't really comparable, is it?

Obviously you don't have very much chemistry with her then. If you know what I mean

OneLittleAdditio 9

why would they get mad? if ur in a loving committed relationship jewelry will not make a difference. if ur gonna cheat a ring does not have the magical powers to stop anyone. my parents do not wear theirs and they have been happily married for 22 years. my husband and I don't even have rings and were going on 3. :) if u can get rings that's great, but if its hazardous or inconvenient in any way, its no reason to get crazy over.

24: did you reply to the wrong person, because 16 said nothing about their parents...

28, I don't know whether you're having trouble following the discussion or whether my browser is displaying things incorrectly but as far as I can see I've responded to the comment "^^ One simple word... Yes." by Fml_FTW228...What part of this is confusing you...?

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How in Curie's name did you marry this dolt? you obviously failed to run control expiriments... shame on you, OP.

I wonder what her horoscope said about that situation...

Uranus is in its third moon and venus is opposite your sun- therefore you will find Mrs Potatohead and your husband in bed.

Her horoscope said "Chemistry is a bunch of crap, sky animals that predict the future are where it's at".

I believe her horoscope said to yell at that poor guy for taking off his wedding ring. Indeed FYL OP.

Have a fight with your husband to win the lottery, then burn this horoscope.

Nuts to your science! I have a gypsy in a vending machine!

I really want to thumbs up your comment. But it's just so perfect at 69. :p

Why is your used name forever idiot? Lol

I'm pretty sure OP deserves it, then. He had to have married for looks, and that obviously trumped her brains.

You don't know that at all, her belief system and values don't make her stupid.

It said: "Yell like a hormonal bitch to someone you love for an issue *in which he is clearly right on*.

Don't worry my dearest OP, I'm sure she's just afraid you might lose it.

Actually, judging by her attitude and intelligence she's probably worried that he's cheating on her.

*optimistic. Sorry I was in a hurry and didn't proofread :)

cudi504 4

I'm guessing her intelligence wasn't one of the traits you married her for.

It wasn't about traits. It was predetermined by the all-knowing horoscope of the day. That sort of shit isn't taken lightly.

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I'm guessing it wasn't her attitude or personality then OP......if your wife isn't pretty you're screwed.

Your picture is genius even if it's not you.

Why would you marry an idiot in the first place?

Because the horoscope said so, and everyone knows horoscopes are always right.

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Vinegar/baking soda explosion-surprise in her food?

Slender_Man 6

Have fun getting a lawsuit for attempt of murder

BunchieRules 31

10 - Great plan! No one would know it was him, especially since he's closest to her and works in a chemistry lab! *sarcasm mode: off*

Are you serrious, a baking soda "explosion" is not lethal or even dangerous it's a prank that uses chemistry thats all. I really hope your coment was a joke.

Are you serrious, a baking soda "explosion" is not lethal or even dangerous it's a prank that uses chemistry thats all. I really hope your coment was a joke.

I understand your side completely. I wouldn't want such a treasured item ruined either.