By Anonymous - 22/10/2012 00:29 - United States - Bellingham

Today, while my mother's blind friend was waiting in our kitchen for my mom to come home, I thought it would be funny to talk to her in the nude. Turns out she's only blind in one eye. FML
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I'm sorry, but what would you accomplish by doing that even if she WAS fully blind?

anzie_fml 9

You didn't see that one coming.


I spy with my one good eye, something beginning with 'P'

FML's with the phrasing "I thought it would be funny" never turn out good... AT ALL

What an idiotic dickwad. It's so disrespectful to treat a blind person that way. I'm glad they weren't totally blind; hopefully you learned your lesson.

I'm sorry, but what would you accomplish by doing that even if she WAS fully blind?

The joy of talking to someone while nude? This is a crazy/strange person fantasy.

Do you really want to ask that question? v__v

54- Apparently so because they already did.

They can go tell all of their friends that they took advantage of someone's disability and used it as an excuse to walk in the nude. Mission accomplished, eh?

Good story to tell your friends at a bar...

Knightchaser27 25

108-I doubt they'll be impressed

siickman 7

Got your Asshat on 3:) where your head is so far up your ass. Usually describing someone being stupid.

There are way too many commenters on this site who don't Google shit.

anzie_fml 9

You didn't see that one coming.

Krajjan 9

Being too lazy to wear clothes usually results in a social astigma... tism. Crap.

These one-eye jokes are a bit patchy, aren't they?

Eye don't see why you thought that was a bright eye-dea. Too much?

winnerme123 8

That goes perfectly in a Bear Grills voice ( probably spelled wrong).

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I thought it was like Bear Grylls or something like that?

whiteboy896 9

in the words of Red Formen, Dumbass!

KM96 24

I can totally heard his voice and imagined him saying that, when I read it :D

She's probably blind in the other eye now. Good going OP.

HooHooHa 6

Why talk to her naked if she's 'blind'? What were you going to do to her?

tne201992 12

Umm talk to her naked. OP made that pretty clear.

Never know, OP might have been planning to windmill and prance around the kitchen with a mangina. If that had been the case, I could fully understand the entertainment value.

Maybe something is left out of this... But how did she get in the house? She have a cane? Or a seeing eye dog? Or did you help her? Or did she make it on her own with no trouble. This could be the first if many clues.

jrvln164 1

She's blind from one eye she can still see

zen1979 16

Exactly. Yet op didn't realize if she's totally blind how did she get there. Therefore, she must posses some sight.