By Disappointed - 04/10/2014 03:08

Today, my teenage daughter asked me to buy her the morning after pill, saying, "It's for my acne." FML
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llamarrama01 21

Maybe it's time to have a certain talk with her.


It does help regulate hormones but it wouldn't really affect acne that much...

SirAnon 13

84, you might be confusing the morning after pill with birth control.

BlockOfRedStone 25

Maybe the daughter mixed up Morning After pills with Birth Control pills? Maybe she heard that Birth Control prevents acne, and assumed that all pregnancy preventing pills get rid of acne? This needs a follow up

Sorry about that, yes, I did get birth control and the morning after pill mixed up.

llamarrama01 21

Maybe it's time to have a certain talk with her.

euphoricness 28

Plot twist: the acne is on her belly making her look pregnant!

50, if she's far enough along to look pregnant, it's way too late for the morning after pill...

Why is everybody down thumbing #49 /#50? Have a sense of humour, they were mere jokes.

toowie_fml 20

I really hope she meant birth control, but I doubt that's the case. Good luck OP

Nickb55 16

I don't think you're fully grasping the concept of this FML.

ostfaiz 18

morning after pills are actually emergency contraceptives!

I don't think you're grasping the concept of this comment. I think she meant she hopes OP's daughter meant she wanted normal birth control for her acne instead of morning after.

Birth control helps with acne. I have a friend that takes it for that purpose and that purpose only

toowie_fml 20

Yes #47 that's exactly what I meant

That's the contraceptive pill, not the morning after.

No you can't. You aren't supposed to take the morning after pill on a regular basis. That's why it's called EMERGENCY contraceptive.

I am just going to take a wild guess and say she's lying it being for her acne.

JMichael 25

That or she truly believes it'll help with her acne. Kids these days don't have a lot of knowledge on those kinds of things.

My best friend in high school used to have a bad problem with acne. The idiotic things she tried, just because someone anonymous in an online forum recommended it...

I agree #8 I think she may have mistakenly thought morning after pill is the same as birth control which actually helps with acne... Maybe :p

Obviously she thinks you were born yesterday

martin8337 35

But I'll bet you've been in town all day today.

She could actually think that it could help her acne, but I'm doubting it

martin8337 35

Hey #13 great job copying #1, come up with something original next time....

martin8337 35

OOOOOO , #24, I'm shaking in my boots , you got me running scared.

@33 that didn't even make any sense to say that. It's not like he threatened you.

martin8337 35
atav 17

@81 Yeah, something you obviously don't know much about.

If there's anything in her uterus other than sperm, it's too late for the morning after pill.

littleteapot 21

I bet you'd be an amazing parent.

Well, for all our sake, hopefully you got it for her.