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Today, my daughter asked me to get her razors. When my 19-year-old son saw them he asked what they were for, to which my daughter replied, "For my armpits." My son then said, "Girls don't grow armpit hair." FML
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Well he's gonna be surprised where else they grow hair if THAT shocks him...


Well he's gonna be surprised where else they grow hair if THAT shocks him...

Yeah your right. The world we live in...

#58. Ppl back in the day had sex too. Believe it or not

Especially if he has been practicing oral sex on a Barbie doll.

My boyfriend who is 29 didn't know girls grew armpit hair...

It's like saying that girls don't fart, they let out a gust of glitter out of their butt

What are you talking about? That's true...

so the cast of twilight comes out your butt?

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So I've been doing it wrong all these years?

one of my babysitters when I was younger told me "girls don't fart, we're merely fluffing our underwear'

Sadly, that's not an uncommon perception thanks to the media.

And if a guy never saw a girl with hairy armpits, he may believe that.

argh that wretched media up to it again

How can the media hide something you can see everyday?

You see hairy female armpits every day? The media, in every form, promote female body hair as wrong and unclean. Pick up day magazine, turn on any tv show etc and find me a hairy female armpit without stigma attached to it and I'll concede the media don't hide female body hair.

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It's not the media's fault if a guy that has lived for 19 years doesn't know that women have armpit hair. He's just incredibly stupid.

@86 hair in lower places can be very unclean, and unattractive, thus why it isnt desired by most of society, or is advertised publicly. The media wants to sell its product, and putting disgusting attributes in the pictures isnt going to market very well, is it? Get over it and shave or use cream like normal people.

He is probably just jealous that his younger sister has to shave, and he can't even grow a mustache...

KMCG31 3

How do you know his sister is younger?

Id rather him be the guy who is ignorant of girl armpit hair than be the guy who likes his girlfriend's vaginal hair because it reminds him of his mom's.

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do we only have a choice of the two? i would rather be neither of the two :s

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Well to be fair...while it is a bit ignorant, the media basically portrays girls and women as having virtually no body hair.

Did you daughter lift her arm and show him? if so he probably thinks she's some sort of super hairy monster.

I don't think so, he's 19 he probably looks like all post puberty men. Bigfoot. If she did it wouldn't be THAT bad.

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I wonder if he is aware that girls grow hair in other places too.

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No but Dr.Oz would know all about it. D: