By Anonymous - Canada - Newmarket
Today, my daughter asked me to get her razors. When my 19-year-old son saw them he asked what they were for, to which my daughter replied, "For my armpits." My son then said, "Girls don't grow armpit hair." FML
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  fakedsincerity  |  32

You see hairy female armpits every day? The media, in every form, promote female body hair as wrong and unclean. Pick up day magazine, turn on any tv show etc and find me a hairy female armpit without stigma attached to it and I'll concede the media don't hide female body hair.

  AestheticGuy  |  21

@86 hair in lower places can be very unclean, and unattractive, thus why it isnt desired by most of society, or is advertised publicly. The media wants to sell its product, and putting disgusting attributes in the pictures isnt going to market very well, is it? Get over it and shave or use cream like normal people.