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if you are a woman, hit her. If you are a man and pro gender equality, hit her. If you are a man and a sexist, swear at her.

tell her if she shuts the fuck up right now it will get rid of her black eye.


Ask her why you would do that when obviously semen worked so well for her.

Wow what a bitch. The best thing to say would be 'And MY product would rid you of your ugliness. Oh wait, nothing can do that!'

try showering and not rubbing your face with dirt...

Acne can't be controlled for some people. I've used every product under the sun and the only thing that's worked is prescribed medication.

happened to me once though I actually bought the product. In fact, I welcome more acne on my face using that product!! fml

Oh, that sucks :( I can't stand those people in malls!

I can't stand those kind of people. I just look the other way or pretend to be on the phone.

jasonsaied 1

um why is that embarrassing? everybody can kinda see it anyway

this lady did the same thing to me once ... it's so humiliating ! fhl for being an annoying bitch

BUT IT WILL GET RID OF YOUR ACNE . UR ACNE acneacneacne . Acne. EpicFail. HAS ACNE. get over it.