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  turtlemansam  |  6

Why did mine get denide?!?
Today, me and my husband were thinking of baby names. He told me if we named a baby a beautiful name, it will grow up to be beautiful. He wanted to name him bacon. He was serious. FML

  sugarr0babby0  |  0

44- A) It is fake, how can you have a husband when you are male too? Unless you're gay; which wouldn't work either because "having a baby" It's not humanly possible for males..
B) It's not funny one bit.
In other words, It sucks.

  brennboo  |  3

My little brother said the same thing to me a few years ago... But I've since mostly solved that problem :) OP, proactiv works miracles. I absolutely love it and I totally recommend it

  castielnovak  |  13

Most of the time severe acne can't be fixed with acne medication. It's usually just a hormone thing or stress related. Or both. It'd be nice if getting rid of acne was as simple as 'getting medication for it.'

By  Doortje  |  29

Better mosquito bites than acne. I say: thank the kid for this brilliant idea and stick to the "they're just mosquito bites" story for the rest of your (acne)life!

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Haha! This also happened to me with one of the kids my mom babysat! He asked me what those red dots were on my face, knowing he wouldn't understand what acne was I just told him they were owies. He just said, "oh" and went back to the book we were looking at. I also thought that owies was a better term! I mean at least the kid thought you had mosquito bites and didn't know what they really were! Plus she was just curious and concerned. Nothing to be too ashamed about op!