By CaityLovesBo - 05/02/2012 18:49 - United States

Today, my mom went to the store. She said she was feeling generous, and had gotten everyone a little treat. My brothers each got candy and a movie. I got acne medication. FML
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That's favoritism at it's best.

What the hell you cant eat that! ...or can you... I'll be right, no you cannot..


That's favoritism at it's best.

I know right? Acne medicine isn't cheap. Op is Definitely the favorite... lol

5 is right A candy bar costs like a dollar but acne medicine adds up

Is that a patriots shirt?!

It is a patriots shirt.

Damn you girl, damn you. GIANTS ALL THE WAY!!!!

Who are the patriots?

Yeah... But OP said the brothers got candy AND A MOVIE.

#33, that's an alternate name used to call the original 13 colonies. Now you know...

Thank you sir, it's appreciated.

You sir are pied. A bid a good nightfall to you.

One last thing to #1, you can go burn that pats shirt they lost :P, GIANTS WON!! hehe. Now I bid you a enjoyable evening.

Share a cookie with me?

Cue boring flame war in 3... 2...

Keanna- Girl.. We lost! :'( But it's okay! There's a reason our Pats go to the SuperBowl more often than most! There's always next year! :) GO PATRIOTS!!

1... Blastoff?

Desireev- you look like my future ex-wife. Just saying

70 Yes it is blasting of and looks like someone put a steering wheel in the rocket ship because this flame war is going in different directions.

78- what the hell are you talking about?

79 It was a metaphor comparing this somewhat flame war to a rocket ship with a steering wheel saying it is somewhat taking off but is going in different directions because this "converstion" is about people looking like someone's ex-wife, football, and all that stuff. Even this silly thing right here is a stupid addition to this flame war.

Oh ok, I see.

True story all the candies doing is getting u fatter acne medicine is making u better looking

Only mothers know the best!

whats the problem if u actually need it its good

I am not a big fan of grammar Nazis but can someone please correct 25's comment so it can be read properly.

What's the problem? If you actually need the medicine then she did a good thing.

Hey, on the bright side, your *treat* probably costed more than the candy and movie. So I guess you can call yourself mommy's favourite.

For real, I wouldn't be mad for that, I rather fix myself first then enjoy myself.

And I got fruit snacks

Aww, that's not fair. But don't worry. Hopefully in a few years it'll get better. You should steal one of your brother's candy!

Dude I was looking at your pic and I just imagine him telling op that XD

Is it just me, or is this guys picture smokin hot?

Its just you

I thought my picture was smoking hot... Am I wrong?

It's pretty much as hot as it comes. That's why I clicked on you

Yeah, I bet that's the major reason why so many people click on me.

So you should change it from " what did I say " to " am I really that smoking hot"

64 - I should, shouldn't I? Thanks for the tip. Here's a cookie :)

Can I have the cookie? I'm kind of a fatass

Yes, you can. Only because you said I'm smoking hot ;)

Oh, would you rather your mother did nothing and just allowed your acne run wildly out of control? Your mother cares a lot and you'll be very grateful about it when you're older :)

Ungrateful kid.

Yeah you mom cares about you! She's making you look better and letting your brothers get fat off of candy.

Well i think she may be trying to tell you two things: 1. She likes you the least 2. You have really bad acne

People of FML, do not fear. Captain Obvious is here; to enrich your knowledge of things already known.

OP's mom obviously loves her the most since she wants to help get rid of the acne and gives her brothers candy to get fat.

What the hell you cant eat that! ...or can you... I'll be right, no you cannot..

She pores out all her love to your brothers. It's pretty clear who her favorite children are.

She pours out her love to the brothers And loves to out her daughter's pores (misspellings, sometimes there're coincidental)

(Puns, usually they are planned)

Pinecone is correct. There's really no need to thumb down bizarre_ftw, though. She just didn't recognize the pun, which is something I've been guilty of before as well. :-)

Hey look at it this way your present costed more.

I think a movie cost more than acne medication.

Depends on the movie and the medication

The past tense of cost is still cost. "Costed" means to calculate the cost, past tense.