By superspy3214 - United States
Today, I was working at a movie theater when I was called to clean what can only be described as "Dog Shit Surprise" out of a theater. FML
superspy3214 tells us more :
OP here, first of all I'm still in school making A's in my honors courses and secondly it was neither human nor dog shit, apparently a guy brought his kid into the theater to see Paranormal Activity and the kid got so scared he threw up then dumped his popcorn and mozzarella sticks on the ground
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  Darko913  |  4

the movie theaters don't make money off the tickets. that money goes to the makers of the movies. that's why concessions are so expensive; because the only money the theatre makes is from concessions. don't blame the theaters.

  failedgamer01  |  18

Even if OP wasn't in school, they never clarified whether they were or not in the FML itself. What if OP had just graduated or needed to make ends meet and the job was necessary to have? People nowadays can stay in school as you suggested but it will not always mean you have a job making millions in a place where everything is candy and sunshine.