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Today, a customer was looking for some decking materials. I took her around the store and pointed out some nice plywood, noting that it's also fire-retardant, which might interest her. She got pissed off and bitched me out for supposedly calling her a retard. FML
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Well if she got that mad she very well might be...

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Maybe she had a problem that you did not know about and has been bullied for it within her life.

If you get mad about someone calling you retarded, you are probably not retarded.

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It also depends if the person whom is being called retarded can comprehend what is being said even though they are mentally disabled.

The important thing here is that if the customer could understand the context in which she used the word "retard", then she wouldn't have bitched out OP. So F OP's life for having to deal with stupid customers.

a person can say "whom" it's the exact same thing as "who" Grammer Nazi fail.

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Who and Whom are not interchangeable.

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Check 3 off of my bucket list, start an Internet fight.

retard and retardant are two VERY different. the customer was just a butt hurt person who doesn't listen. that sucks op...

retard and retardant are two VERY different. the customer was just a butt hurt person who doesn't listen. that sucks op...

40 - "Whom" and "who" generally have similar definitions, but they have to be used in a specific way. You can't just put "whom" wherever you want. Do your research before posting asinine comments.

Well if she got that mad she very well might be...

I hate to be that person, but that's a pretty ableist thing to say.

"Ableism is a form of discrimination or social prejudice against people with disabilities." Ummm.... What does that have to do with my comment?

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People also like to scream at you should you use the definition of things to back your point up, saying that if you go to the dictionary you've already proven you don't understand the issue. The only way to win against the SJWs is to not play with them.

I didn't catch the "screaming" part in my comment, 46. I consider 31's comment ableist because it's equating ignorance or stupidity to mental disability. I'm sorry that you guys can't see why that would offend someone.

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People will always find something to be offended about

In this case the customer did overreact, but the the "r word" does have a very negative connotation, even if its true definition (as used in OP's case) isn't offensive at all.

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If you are getting offended because of a word that has a legitimate meaning, but sounds kinda like another word that might or might not be offensive, then you are oversensitive. The PC police are taking this shit too far.

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Just because they sound similar doesn't mean they're the same word. OP wasn't just "using the word in a non offensive way", OP wasn't using that word at all!

28 - op did not use the word retarted...

I didn't say that he did, I'm actually defending the OP. To retard something means to prevent it from happening. I get that. I'm only saying that, used in a different context, like if you're calling someone a r*tard, that is what's offensive.

op used the words fire retardant. not even close to what people are saying op said

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#57- You really censored the word retard? Come on, don't you think you're taking it a little too far? Retarded means "not working properly." So if I call my computer retarded, or my dog retarded for running into a screen door, am I being politically incorrect? Ridiculous. Yes, I do call my friends retarded. And it has absolutely no horrible connotation to it because it's a JOKE. Also, to clarify: I don't call mentally handicapped people retarded, and I have the utmost respect for them. No one should ever make fun of them. But...using a word that has an actual definition, and not using it to truly make fun of or offend someone, is completely fine.

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This is when it is important to know the difference between the terms "Fire-Retardant" and "Fire-Resistant."

They were right to call it retardant, resistant is a material that is inherently not easily subject to catching fire. A retardant is something that has been chemically treated

Dang, talk about unreasonably rude. These, some customers are so hard to deal with. I was once a music store and there was this girl who just kept screaming everytime she say a retardando (I don't remember how to spell it) so the guy basically had to keep his mouth shut while half teaching her half crying because she kept calling him a "gay *****" for calling her a "retard"

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You were one a music store? No way!

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What the hell are you taking about #11?

This is why drugs are bad children.

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Ummm .... We're you on drugs when posting? Comment didn't make much sense.