By Oze - 18/02/2010 09:48 - United States

Today, my roommate will fall asleep to Muppet Treasure Island. We sleep 3 feet away from each other and he has been doing this since Christmas. FML
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This FML is dumb. lol.

Wait, can someone re-read this for me, I think I missed the part that makes this an FML...


sxychik 4

oh well.. fyl

I agree about the Muppets Christmas Carol. What about Muppets From Space? That is one of my personal favorites.

fringle 0

I can tell you read fml and he reads mlia.

Mlia is awesome

he just wants to dream of what it was like as a child and before you came and ruined his life. YDI.

RusselFaraday 0

I love that movie. fuck u if u don't

what's muppet treasure island?

best movie ever

jazziloveberryy 3

I agree!!!!

yesssss I found it in my basement. :)))))))))

toni27 0

whoooo I'm first!!!

first in the long line of failures, yes

Muppet treasure island was like the best movie ever!

Gloria_GDA 0

Who effin cares if your first

plutosaplanet 0

ive got cabin fever!! ive got it too!! ive got cabin fever ive got cabin fever!! cmon its a fun movie....but why do you only sleep 3 feet away? ive never slept that close to a roommate except my boyfriend.

Bunk beds? I hear they're on the rise again.

This FML is dumb. lol.

Gumblebum100 0

haha I know and if his roommate falls asleep then turn the movie off if you hate it

or tell them they leave it on and ask them not to.

LTMcleod 0

uhhh mercy, that's retarded

Wait, can someone re-read this for me, I think I missed the part that makes this an FML...

Seeing/listening to the SAME movie every night (especially one made for children) would get pretty annoying.

so ask him to watch a different one or 2.turn it off when he is asleep 3. put on headphones, just DO something.

bleedingglitter 24

The muppets are for everyone.

You fondle him in his sleep don't you? Why else would you continue for 2 months.

jellyfishdelight 0

switch the labels with a porn tape

What the fuck? Why the he'll didn't he start with Muppet Christmas Carol? It was Christmas! YDI for not forcing your roommate to fall asleep to a seasonally appropriate Muppet movie.

Durr, autocorrect fail - *hell.