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Today, I was counselling a soon-to-be teen mom. She has a younger step-brother, and when I asked her how she handled him when he cries, she said, "Oh, that's when you cover their face until they stop!" FML
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I'm guessing it was a joke... plus its different when you have your own vs. a sibling

Well hopefully OP can help teach this idiot about proper care for young children.

This FML demonatrates natural selection at its finest.

Obviously #16, everyone knows you're supposed to suffocate your siblings, but you shake your own children to get them to stop crying! There are some things that are not different when it's your own, common sense being one of them. Unfortunately you don't magically grow some when you have babies.

Not to mention "different" could mean worse, something a lot of those "it's different when it's your own" spouters seem to forget.

No worries. Judging by the way she handles a crying baby/toddler, their bloodline won't be around long enough for it to have any significant effect on the IQ of Michigan/USA.

Idiots are the reason for lack of oxygen anywhere. They breathe it all in then waste it all talking about stuff that you don't want to here and then leaving carbon dioxide. And that's how idiots kill people

Unfortunately, it seems as though the bigger the idiot, the more children. Probably due to being too stupid to understand birth control...

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She should have her own tv show...

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I'm pretty sure mtv already has one for her

I hate it when people say stuff like this...especially if it's about teens and pregnancy. There should be no such thing as 16 and pregnant. It's completely just promoting teen pregnancy because it's pretty much saying "oh you're pregnant before you're out of high school? Let's put you on tv and make you famous for making poor decisions!!" There are so many things wrong with this.

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I'm preeetty sure #2 wasn't being serious.

#56 as someone who's watched 16 and pregnant, I don't think that it's meant to do that. It's supposed to encourage sixteen year olds not to get pregnant. The show just highlights how hard it is to be a teen mother, how your friends might abandon you because they can't relate to you anymore, and how even the father won't necessarily stick around and you might be alone with a screaming baby. The kind of teenagers that would get pregnant just to be on that show are the kind who would do absolutely anything to be famous.

#74 that may have been the reason it was created but alot of teens dont see it that way some see it as away to 15 minutes of fame

Oh that's a good idea, I should try that sometime... -_-

I don't think some people caught onto the sarcasm

Must be about time for people to change the batteries in their Sarcastometer or upgrade to the Sarcastometer Pro X2!

Atleast I have 2 people who understood.. Oh well

I think the step-child may need a hospital

Ahahahahaha, that was funny. ....Wait, that was a joke, wasn't it?

I'm hoping she was joking.. you'd think he would be dead if she wasn't.. Thats really scary sorry op