By roomie487 - 06/10/2009 21:08 - United Kingdom

Today, I met my new roommate. I also met her stuffed animals, who introduced themselves to me. My roommate makes inanimate objects talk. FML
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be thankful she hasn't tried stuffing her hand up your ass and making you talk.

I dont see whats so bad about that. Unless youre one of those people who think they are cool and grown up by losing their sense of imagination.


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I say immediate room change, and until then sleep with your eyes open and a blunt object in hand...

lol definitely. And don't turn the lights off. Ever.

She makes objects talk. So having a witch for a roommate is a bad thing?

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agreed pointy1. so many people confuse the sites.

Is this at a preparatory private middle school? Aww, so cute!

wrong, no need to be jealous of someone who has the ability to make inanimate objects talk, should make a game of chess very interesting. To the OP, look around see if other people in your new college/neighbourhood have other abilities.

Are you saying that your room mate is a ventriloquist? That is kind of cool.

lol #31 I was thinking the same thing!

Zhejan 0 least she doesn't have the herpes

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lol maybe u should steal his/her stuffed animal and never give it bk??? muahaha pure evil :P

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blunt object.. weak.... go for a 45.

It's a .45 referencing the caliber.... :/

I don't see why this is a FML. Your roommate seems cute.

It's an FML because OP is so much less cool than his/her roomie... and because if OP is a guy he knows his roomie will get all the girls (:

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Maybe she's into ventriloquism.

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Just what I was thinking. Funny first impression huh? I wouldn't have been creeped out but curious. Maybe she was just practicing and decided to see how you could handle her passion? :D

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Your roomie wins. :] YDI for not appreciating stuffed animals.

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FYL how? Maybe if she was completely nuts, that'd be different. But I know plenty of people who pretend stuffed animals are real just for fun.