By Dumped - 18/02/2010 08:58 - United States

Today, I found out that my girlfriend got drunk and cheated on me. After I tried to talk to her about it, she dumped me. Not because she didn't like me anymore or that she liked the other guy, but because she felt "too guilty" and "wouldn't be able to look me in the eyes anymore." FML
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Wow, this sucks a lot (especially if you really loved her), but it's a good thing that you broke up...cheating shouldn't be tolerated and she should feel guilty for what she did. I'm not sure if I would have the strength to give a guy another chance if he cheated on me.


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or only allow her to see your other head, and make sure she takes proper care haha

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sadly this happen to me :( yet when I tried to tell her it didn't matter I still loved her she walked away 4 weeks later I found out she is spreading rumors that I beat her 0.o (I did not) now I can't get a date:(

Horde 8

this is BS, her weak excuse to dump you. She don't love you anymore, just don't have the balls to tell you straight.

Does it really matter? Being drunk is no excuse. The girl has hoe tendencies. It's better to end it now and not have to deal with it again in the future.

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spoon out ur eyes so she cnt look at dem 

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ahhahahhaha OP's nickname is "Dumped"

sounds like a selfish immature brat, who won't really take responsibility for her actions. you're better off.

If you have people willing to testify to what they heard, you may want to consider a deafamation of character lawsuit.

what the **** is up with bicyhes these days. either they cheat on ya or can't get over their exes. **** and chuck is the way to go these days my fellow brothers.

theian01 3

Best to get rid of her and move on. She blamed herself and that's all there is to it. it's her fault. Easy to move on from.

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ya dude thats some bullshit man fyl

I never drink with my girlfriend and if I do we agree to stay with each other because of precisely reasons like this.

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Nice try kid, try again next time.

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Kidd u got some bigotatas for 12 yrs old....u need a tutor? lol o wrong fml lol

wow, selfish bitch, Fyl man :( fail to #2

Next time your would-be anniversary rolls around, send her an anniversary card, but cross out whatever is written inside and write "Tipsy Tipsy Trollup" and draw a stickfigure of a drunken ***** with a sign around her neck reading "Handjobs 25 cents, ******** $2, the works, $5"

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#114 that is too funny! I'm picturing the drawing! Seems that Op would rather be with a hoe then alone. Sorry for your heartbreak. Don't worry there are still plenty of hoes out there to replace her.

Kind of sounds what I did. I wasn't drunk nor did I cheat. I simply felt bad because I liked another guy. Am I an idiot for doing that? yep

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your not an idiot, your just mexican.

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Why the hell did my post get deleted? I was making fun of the last commentator's use of the word 'your' instead of 'you're' Jeez!

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Aw, my comment is back but makes no sense now since the previous comment is gone. Boo!

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agree, you just don't stay with a girl who cheats on you

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well, that's what guilt does to some people..

Why is it that I know *a lot* of girls who think this way, and not one guy who does?

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sounded like an excuse and she likes the "other guy" to me, but either way... fyl

agreed. sounds like she found another c0ck she wants to ride

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Wow, this is word for word what happened to me, and she was from Cali too. Does she live near San Fransisco? So in conclusion "Same B*tch, Different C*nt"