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At least it's not stuck on "Constipated."

It could be worse, your face could be stuck on "awkward orgasm" expression.

aurynforever 11

Beavis was crying.

Reading that comment gives me the unmistakable feeling that I am missing a reference.

Huhuhuh. Beavis cried.

beavis definitely cried

I did not Butthead

37- SeaNanners!

You gotta love Beavis and Butthead :)

aurynforever 11

You were moved.

It will go away... Eventually? Maybe... ? Lol

My mother loves Botox. No it won't. Or it hasn't in her case. Possibly because her face is 40% plastic, 40% bitch, and the remaining percentage is from a mixture of sacrificing babies, eating souls, and destroying happiness wherever she goes.

Sounds like my kind of woman ;)

You might possibly be her kind as well if you have gold for her to dig.

Charlie sheen? Is that you?

I've heard that normally, it will go away in a couple of days.

10- You're just really fucking strange. Not even funny as well. Terrible mixture.

#9- Wow sounds like you don't get along with your mom at all

Yeah Botox is flushed out of your body in a few months.

Its active ingredient is Botulin, the most deadly neurotoxin in the world. Nine pounds could kill every person on Earth if evenly distributed. Now you know.

61, did you know that 27% of statistics are made up on the spot?

66- I thought it was 47.4138% of statistics were made up on the spot?

It's not, actually. It's 29%.

Awww, someone has mommy issues. But yea, it's not going to go away anytime soon. Should have read the fine print... or in this case the capitalized large print that is main cosmetic use of Botox.

I heard it wad 41%

Nope. Still 22%.

#66 #71 #72 , You are flaunting your ignorance. #61 is right, and if you manage to create a FML account you should even be able to google "botulin".

Everyone here is overgeneralizing.

At least it's not stuck on "Constipated."

"Hey, Pete, why the pained expression? Are you pushing lead logs out your butt or something?" "No, no, I'm fine. Better than fine. See, no sweat! No sweat!!"

Omg really? :O

Dude u did this face once :O what makes you think it is funnier the second time? :O

At least your facial expression matches the nature of your predicament.

It's better than "constipated".

Uh, you're 4 comments too late. Nice try.

I think that is my line

That's kinda what Botox does.....

It could be worse, your face could be stuck on "awkward orgasm" expression.