By Alyssa - 21/09/2016 07:17 - United States - Spring Park

Today, my fiancé, my two-year-old, and my dog are all sleeping peacefully next to me in our new king-sized memory foam bed. It's 2:15 in the morning. Why am I not sleeping? Because they all snore, one right after the other. It's like an endless song of snoring. FML
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Let me snore you the song of my people.

You sure know how to pick 'em


You sure know how to pick 'em

You mean, you SNORE know how to pick em. ;)

Cow_Girl_Lilly 24

I understand why your fiancé and dog are in the bed, but I question the two-year-old? No if she or he had a bad dream then that's understandable but if they're just in your bed because they want to be there that's not right.

She was sick, that's why she was in my bed

The dog is the one that has the least reasons to be there.

So the dog is ok but not the kid? Logic lol

The dog isn't at risk of being killed by suffocation from either the blankets or either parent rolling onto them.

It's okay to have a dog in the bed, but not her own child? Your logic is not making sense to me. Wow!

I slept in my mum's bed until I was 11. It's really not your place to tell someone how they should live, if someone wants to sleep with their child in their bed then I'm pretty damn sure there's worse things a parent can do.

There are safe ways to co-sleep, and at 2, the toddler is more than capable of being able to sleep without being suffocated, and is big enough that anyone who rolls on top of them is going to wake up. I co-slept with my baby till she was 6 months. It's when you involve alcohol that it is bad as you tend to sleep deeper and are less likely to react, and more likely to harm your baby. Do some research before you start questioning someone else's parenting choices. Most countries promote safe co-sleeping.

I have 4 kids and co slept with all, the eldest is nearly 9 and the youngest is nearly 2 and they are still alive.

Iwannarock1 19

The dog has the most right to be in the bed! Co-sleeping with a baby increases the risk of SIDS by 45%, but by 2, the kid should be fine. But no nookie for op, with the baby in bed. :(

Maybe invest in some ear plugs? Good luck OP!

It's a never ending sto-ry~...

A never ending snore-y.

Awww, a two-year-old snoring must be adorable tho ^_^

I'm willing to bet that the dog snoring is FAR cuter than the kid, because dogs are actually cute, unlike kids.

usnwife 18

Its cute the first few minutes, but not after a while of trying to sleep!

Lol I couldn't help but giggle at this.

Let me snore you the song of my people.

Ambien and scotch... it's like a pleasant coma

Mixing alcohol and medication is an extremely terrible decision.

and sarcasm is a real affliction I have, but thanks nurse

Then you need to work on it. Sarcasm in text needs a bit of extra work to come across properly.

Wait until the memory foam begins to recall all of the snores it remembers and starts replaying them!

usnwife 18

Right there with you OP. Hubs and 2 of my sons snore like crazy, and our dog too. We had a little over a month of all living in 1 room in hotels when we moved cross-country last year, I thought I was going to go insane... headphones with music playing was my only saving grace, it was worth getting tangled up in the cords! lol