By Whatthehell - United States - Soddy Daisy
Today, I completed driving school. After 30 hours of classwork, 6 hours of driving lessons, and a very tough driving test, I passed and can now get a 15% safe driver insurance discount. My friend just told me he only had to watch a 15 minute video to get the same discount. FML
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Some schools or areas, like mine, don't have a driver's Ed course so we just watch a video on driver safety. Though the one I had to watch was 4hrs not 15mins. We practice on our own like at empty parking lots or streets that aren't very busy.

  mergeterge  |  24

I forget which insurance it was but when I was still with my parents, the insurance company sent you a video to watch with a quiz to take. If you passed and also had a clean driving record, you got the discount. Every insurance company is different. It depends on the company. Unfortunate for OP, for sure! Ugh.

By  alitairi  |  18

I had a friend that didn't even do anything, just claimed they took the class. insurance companies have no way of confirming it, and usually just give it on claiming you've taken it.

By  ZombieScoobyDoo  |  20

I had to take the full 30 hour class just to get my license. It's mandatory where I live for anyone under 18. My insurance company required me to fill out of a book about driving then my mom (adult passenger) had to fill out a survey about me. I think there was a video but I didn't watch it. It just depends on your insurance I guess.


I had no video, but I had a driving journal I had to fill out stating weather conditions, if there was an animal I encountered on the road, difficult turns, etc. Mostly made the whole thing up and did the required hours and then I was allowed to take the test.

  Ashd09  |  30

Here in Georgia anyone under 17 and a half is required to take a 30 hour online driving course and pass a test on it to get their license. And of course the system is terrible and shuts down all the time, causing you to have to restart the entire process any time it does.

  JZY1989  |  23

not all tests are the same. my test was super easy and passed without going on the highway, but a friend of mine took the test from the same building and his was far more difficult then mine.

  kirkaygri  |  18

In my state, new drivers have a hard test. You have to properly adjust all mirros and seats before the test, test all lights and signals, parallel park, do a three point and five point turn around, show you can properly park both up hill and down hill, know the use of the parking brake, and use it; they take you both highway, town and country and ask you all sorts of questions while you're driving. I took mine on an 1/8th inch of ice and it SUCKED. It's a pain, but when I went to renew at 25, I went around the block and that was it. The first test is after a semester of in class study and 60 hours of on the road driving in all conditions.