By Anonymous - 10/11/2010 16:32 - Argentina

Today, I woke up to find my new roommate staring straight at me. She then went on to say, "I love how you sleep," and continued to stare. I live in a residence off campus and I've already changed roommates twice this year. I'm stuck with a person who stares at me sleep for the next two years. FML
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tell her you love how she stares haha

Lesbians aren't like the Easter bunny; they do exist.


OP's roommate is a peepy creeper of the sleepy! o.O

agree with 33... also is she hot? if not, then fyl. if yes, then you can turn this awkward situation into a good time.

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I agree. That's a little scary. OP, talk to her about it. Creepy people like that usually have other creepy habits. FYL. I've never had any luck with living with roommates. My first roommate Freshman year was a drunk/ ***** and my second one was just as crazy, if not worse. The only off campus housing I'm familiar with are the apartments, so if you're living in one then the simple solution to your problem is to lock the door. If it's the whole roommate idea you dislike, then get back on campus and find a single. I live in one at the moment and I really enjoy it.

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hahaha maybe she misinterpreted the song "love the way you lie"

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Sooo is that a yes on the 3 sum?

1 fyl for getting a roommate that's a creeper 2 ydi for being picky and switching roommates alot

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Makes me wonder if OP or OP's new roomie are twihards, Actually if I had a roomie that was a twihard, I would do this just to prove this very point.

eeewwww I once had a roommate stare at me while being awake, she would do that all year long and before she moved out she stole my drapes that I put up to separate the room FYL op I know how much it sucks

well what if she's straight?!?! what now? huh? stop being such a smartass bitch

the OP is a girl... it says so right there... and its in argentina wow thats far off

Lesbians aren't like the Easter bunny; they do exist.

You speak liez lie I says. Our Easter bunnies be real reals I says.

89 it seems you're the only one not catching on to the general 'lesbians ftw' theme in the comments. climb out of your shelter, there's a whole world out there that you've yet to see.

If you have separate rooms, put a lock on your door. If you have to share a room, perhaps get a room divider screen to put next to your bed.

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OPs roommate can walk through walls. That won't work. SMH OP all you have to do is set a trap next to your bed. Put some tacks all over the floor in front of your door.

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Can we say "creeper"?! FYL OP!!

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I see a lesbian scene coming on..