By OMFG - 22/02/2010 10:13 - Australia

Today, I witnessed my roommate pop a blister with a skewer and casually place it back in the kitchen drawer, before wiping what seeped out with the teatowel. FML
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that's sick. you should make him eggs and scratch your sack with the spatchula


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WOWWWW thats just sick. You need a better roommate with wayyyyyyyyyy better hygiene!! I would have talked to the roommate about their "problems with cleanliness" and if they chose not to change (or at least wash the freaking skewer)...well lets just say roomy won't be happy ne more w/ the way I teach my lessons ;)

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that's disgusting...**** YOUR LIFE

FireNinja 3

Now that.... right there.... is discusting.....

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then cook him a diner with it and tell him/her you added some special "stuff" in it

let's all just face it. Australians are freaks. nz better :D

I don't understand your unlegible words!!!!!

am I just crazy or is this mfl making you hungry?

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that's sick. you should make him eggs and scratch your sack with the spatchula

Giorgio272 2

wow. cleary I'm front of your room mate your gonna have to do something else. it involves eggs 3 rashons of bacon and a cat. you know what I mean.

...I'm dry heaving from this right now. Why are these men (I'm assuming your roommate is a man.) using kitchen tools on their bodies?

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I watched someone who's water just broke, grab the dish towel, wipe up said water, and place the towel back on the sink. I don't think that was a man.

At least you saw it. imagine if you didn't and happened to use that same skewer.

jennacide 0

How do you know this isn't the first time he has done this? Wonder why your food has had such a distinct taste to it? Yum, pus flavored chicken.... mmmmmfffffff. I used to wash things a second time before I used them since I never trusted my sister.